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Jaguar XJS Parts and Jaguar XJS Accessories

British luxury and sports car manufacturer Jaguar has long been regarded as one of the best and most stylish automobile manufacturers in the world. Sleek curves and lines dominate most of the brand's designs and you can easily see those even in older vehicles like the Jaguar XJS. Manufactured from 1975 up to 1996, the XJS was a luxury grand tourer that was designed to replace the ageing Jaguar E-Type. One of its best features over the E-Type was that it was radically aerodynamic and had a sleeker sportier image. Thanks to the popularity of the XJS model, more than 115,000 vehicles were produced over its 21-year production run.

From the list of standard Jaguar XJS parts, it's worth noting that it was powered by a Jaguar V-12 petrol engine. This was quite unusual at the time since there were few sports cars that carried a powerful engine like the V-12. Only Lamborghini and Ferrari used the same engine but they used it sparingly on their vehicles. It was this same engine that probably weakened the sales of the Jaguar XJS later on during the fuel crisis in the 1970s and 1980s. As a result, a new high-efficiency engine was introduced during the later models of the XJS.

The last production run for the XJS was from 1991 up to 1996, and this included major redesigns of the vehicle. Commonly referred to as "facelift" models, these vehicles were a huge upgrade from the old designs. This included a new 6.0 liter V-12 engine, disc brakes, 5-speed manual transmissions, and a whole new external look. Unfortunately, sales for the Jaguar XJS started to decline during the mid-90s and it was soon replaced by the Jaguar XK8. Nevertheless, the XJS is a much beloved vehicle and is still often seen in Jaguar clubs and is well-maintained thanks to easy availability of aftermarket parts.