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Headers by JBA

Are you looking for a way to increase your horsepower, boost your torque and just give your engine an overall punch of performance? Well, you can unleash your engine's power potential by purchasing and installing JBA Cat4ward Headers.

If your engine isn't performing up to par, then your stock headers may be to blame. Stock headers restrict airflow to your engine, which can cause your engine to run inefficiently. With JBA Cat4ward Headers you get boosted airflow, which leads to boosted performance. In fact, by installing these headers you can see gains of 10 to 25 horsepower. These gains are possible because the headers provide added airflow while the JBA's Firecone merge collector and oversized exhaust ports work to move dirty exhaust gases out of your engine.

Just to be sure that these headers provide your engine with added performance mile after mile, they are crafted to be tough and durable. Engineered with either 14-guage mild steel or 409 stainless steel, these mandrel-bent tubes over better performance than cast iron or press-bent manifolds. Plus, the laser-cut, leak-free flanges are made to last and offer faster airflow.

JBA Cat4ward Headers come in four different finishes and include all the mounting hardware for simple installation. Plus, they are backed by a lifetime warranty. Boost the power that your engine produces by ordering your headers today. And, do not forget to ask about our free shipping offer on all orders over $50.00.

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