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When you drive, it is not always in a straight line there would always be corners that you need to tackle. This is where sway bars come in. Without sway bars, cornering will be very hard for you. A sway bar couples the suspensions on each side to each other and relative to the chassis. It also increases the spring rate depending on the side that is compressed the most thus making the car more level or more stable.

To aid the sway bar in its function is the sway bar bushing. It is made of rubber, urethane or polyurethane. The sway bar is mounted to the center of the bushing and at its exterior is a bracket that connects it onto the chassis. The size of the bushing depends on the size of the sway bar and can size up to 2 inches in diameter. There are different materials used for the bushing. All these materials are designed to withstand extreme heat and temperature and minimize friction. Unfortunately, prolonged usage can still lead to the wearing of the bushing hence, replacement is still required. JCC sway bar bushing provides an excellent replacement if you want to enjoy longer bushing lifespan. It is a product of JCC, which is a brand renowned worldwide for its superior sway bar bushings and strut rod bushings.

Speaking of strut rod bushing, these are polyurethane components that reduce common wheel roll-under. This occurs when a vehicle stop abruptly especially in the case of performance tires. Both front and rear-wheel-drive vehicles are equipped with strut rod bushings. The increased usage of performance and higher traction tires on today's vehicles has made its toll on the soft original factory strut rod bushings. This usually causes the steering axis to slant excessively and to result to unwanted alignment movement that leads to premature failure and wearing of the lower control arm bushings. JCC strut rod bushing can help eradicate excessive steering axis changes as well as diminish wheel hop and traction loss. While accomplishing all these, the JCC's strut bushing is still able to allow the suspension to perform smoothly and at its optimum without resulting to binding.