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Jeep A/C Condenser

For many years, Jeep vehicles have been perceived as unrefined and rugged vehicles that can perform commendably on off-road tracks but are totally inept for on-road driving. That, however, is a perception from the past. Today, the Jeep line-up is composed of elegant vehicles, including the Jeep Liberty, Jeep Cherokee and Jeep Grand Cherokee, that are capable both on the road and off the road. These new breed of Jeep vehicles still showcases the traditional off-road performance that the brand has been known for; but now with a touch of comfort that makes traveling even on the roughest roads enjoyable.

One of the features that give the new breed of Jeep vehicles a renewed level of comfort is the air conditioning system. With the vehicle's A/C system, you'll never take notice of the heat even in the hottest summers. That's because Jeep air conditioning systems are equipped only with the finest parts, starting off with the evaporator that absorbs all the heat inside the passenger cabin, and all other air conditioning parts like the compressor, the pressure regulating devices, the orifice tube, and a lot of other A/C devices. And how can one disregard the Jeep A/C condenser that actually takes the heat inside Jeep vehicles away?

The A/C condenser, or simply condenser, is that air conditioning part where the heat absorbed by the refrigerant is radiated and the refrigerant itself is condensed into liquid form before being passed once again to the various parts of the A/C system. Because of this, the condenser is normally placed where cool air can easily assist in its functionthat is near the grille, just in front of the radiator, where it can be cooled both by the air that enters the grille and by the engine fan that normally cools the radiator.

Jeep vehicles are normally equipped with Jeep A/C condensers that can keep up with its heavy duty function. Having tough and rigid Jeep condensers that can outlast a lot of damages that may be brought by the off-road functions of Jeep vehicles is the only way that Jeep passengers will feel comfortable all the time. So with a Jeep A/C condenser in your SUV, you'll have not much to worry about.

Still some of you would ask, how about A/C condensers for the Jeep Wrangler? Well, they are not equipped with one. Why? Because they're simply special!

  • Closer Look at Jeep A/C Condenser

    If your air-conditioner is blowing increasingly warmer air every day, it may be losing its refrigerant from a leak in one of the components, possibly the Jeep AC condenser. This component can be more vulnerable to damage than some of the other air-conditioning parts, because of its location in the vehicle. The Jeep AC condenser is mounted in front of the radiator, just behind the grille and uses a long tube that winds through many small cooling fins to do its work. The refrigerant that creates the cold air for your air-conditioning travels to the Jeep AC condenser after it has cooled the cabin of your vehicle, where the heat it has absorbed from the cabin is dispersed as it winds its way through the cooling fins, of the Jeep AC condenser emerging cold and ready to start the circuit over again. The circuit through which the refrigerant travels is a closed and pressurized system. The Jeep AC condenser, in its location at the very front of the vehicle, is subject to damage from small rocks and debris from the road, as well as moisture and corrosion from the elements. As the air-conditioning system works, the pressure that moves the refrigerant through can wear against any areas that have been weakened by damage or corrosion, eventually causing them to give way and allow the refrigerant to escape. As the level of refrigerant decreases in the system, it will no longer efficiently produce that cold air to keep you comfortable in the hot and humid weather of summer. We carry a quality selection of the Jeep AC condenser in our online catalog at great prices. Our expert customer service will make it quick and convenient to order your Jeep AC condenser whether you use our secure site or our toll-free phone line.