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Jeep Cherokee Carpet Kit

Easy Tips on Maintaining the Jeep Cherokee Carpet Kit

No Jeep Cherokee owner wants to have a grimy, smelly carpet, but it can be all too real if it is not properly maintained. Frequent foot traffic, dirt, liquid spills, and harsh weather can take a toll on the carpet material, causing it to eventually lose its vibrancy and color over time. And if left unattended, the carpet will become so worn out to the point that you need to get a costly replacement for it.

Keeping the carpet on your Jeep Cherokee clean and well maintained can help extend its service life. So it pays if you'll apply some simple yet highly effective tips in maintaining the Jeep Cherokee carpet kit.

  • Put a garbage bin inside your cabin.

Want to keep trash off the carpet? Keep a trash can on the back seat. Since there's no place in your interior when you can put them in, it's no surprise that there are a lot of trash piling up on your carpet. This is especially true for those who usually bring their children into their trips. Make sure to line the can with a garbage bag to make cleanup easier later.

  • Vacuum the carpet on a regular basis.

A portable car vacuum is still the best way to remove dust, loose dirt, crumbs and other debris from the carpet surface, but it may not be enough to remove particles that have dried up or have been embedded deeply onto the fibers. For these, you will need to use a carpet brush or a similar brush attachment on your vacuum. Simply brush over the carpet to dislodge embedded dirt, which can then be siphoned off by the vacuum.

  • Spot clean stains as soon as possible.

Liquid spills can leave a noticeable stain on carpets, and how you remove them depends on the type of spill. For stains caused by spilled coffee and juice, spray the carpet with solution consisting of a cup of white vinegar and a small amount of dish detergent, let it sit for fifteen minutes, and scrub with a soft brush. You can also use a commercial carpet cleaning solution, but the white vinegar/detergent mix can work just as well.

Grease stains, on the other hand, must be cleaned with paint thinner. Rub the thinner into the stain with a cotton cloth, pour cornmeal over the area, and let it sit for an hour or two. The thinner will break down the grease, which in turn will be absorbed by the cornmeal.

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  • Installation and Replacement Tips You Can Use for the Jeep Cherokee Carpet Kit

    Replacing the carpet of your Jeep Cherokee used to be a job exclusive only to professionals, but now there are carpet kits that enable car owners with intermediate D-I-Y skills to install a carpet on their Jeep. These kits contain not only the carpet but also any hardware necessary to mount it onto the floor of your vehicle. If you are planning on installing a Jeep Cherokee carpet kit by yourself, here are some important tips to keep in mind:

    Tip #1: Unroll the new carpet and let it sit for two hours

    Carpets included in most carpet kits are usually rolled up or packaged tightly to save space during shipping. This usually results in a carpet that's bent and wrinkled when taken straight out of the box. To fix this, unroll the carpet on a warm, flat surface and let it settle for two hours to allow it to return to its original shape. Use your hand to push the contoured sections back to their molded position.

    Tip #2: Disconnect the battery cables.

    The carpet also hides and protects the wiring for the various electrical devices in your vehicle, so make sure to detach the battery cables first to prevent electric shock when working on the floor. You should also check the wiring for any signs of cuts and other types of damage, and replace them when necessary.

    Tip #3: Use the old carpet as a guide.

    Once your old carpet has been detached from the floor pan, don't throw it out just yet; you can still use it as a reference guide on where to trim and cut out holes on the new carpet. This is especially helpful for aftermarket carpets, as they usually do not come with holes and cutouts for the seats, console, and stick shift. Simply lay down the old carpet over the new one and use a sharp carpet or utility knife to cut around it.

    Tip #4: Don't use a power drill to cut holes in the carpet.

    Using a power drill on the carpet will cause the threads to wrap around the bit, causing the carpet thread to quickly unravel.

    Tip #5: Vacuum the floor and treat any rusted areas.

    The floor pan can accumulate a lot of dirt over the years, so before you lay down the new carpet in place, make sure to vacuum the floor thoroughly first. If the floor pan has rust spots, treat them with a rust converter or a rust dissolver gel.