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Jeep Cherokee Fender

Three Ways to Keep Your Jeep Cherokee Fender As Good As New

Your car's fenders can make or break your vehicle's overall look. This is mainly due to its proximity to the hood and the wheels, which are among the first things people notice. When your Jeep Cherokee fender gets busted or starts to accumulate rust, it can turn into an eye sore and lose its glamour. So save your fenders from premature wear and tear with these five tips on caring for your fenders.

  • When removing mud from the fender, use only safe cleaning materials.

Some ammonia-based cleaners strip off the protective coating on the car fender's surface. Using this type of cleaner can be risky, and it may take several wipes before you notice the chemical effects on the paint. The best way to remove mud from your fender is to wash it thoroughly, use a clay bar, and finish it by wiping down with a detailer.

  • Clear off rust through sandblasting to shed the paint.

One of the common causes of fender damage is corrosion. If rust has started to develop in your car's fender, the first thing that you need to do is to remove the paint around the rust. You can use a 4 1/2" grinder with a 120 grit wheel. This works well in shedding layers of paint and primer off the fender, revealing a clean metal surrounding the rust. Plus, you can use the sandblasting wheel to remove the light rust that hasn't scarred the metal yet.

Before you start grinding, you may want to cover up other parts so they don't get coated with dust. Paint dust can be extremely fine and covers almost everything it falls on. Keep your windows rolled up to prevent dust from entering the interiors.

  • Spray primer to keep your fenders smooth and shiny.

Aftermarket primers are a good way to keep your fenders rust-free. It gives the fender protection against corrosion and extends its lifespan. Three coats of primer would be just enough, but make sure that you wait for about a minute or two between each coat for the primer to tack up. Finally, washing and waxing your car on a regular basis will definitely keep it looking brand new.

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  • How to Ace the Installation of a Jeep Cherokee Fender

    Getting your car radiator fixed is one of the most tedious tasks you have to deal with as a driver. Its role in your vehicle's cooling system makes it a vital component and must not be ignored if found faulty. At times, it is not the radiator that has a problem, but some other parts of the car's cooling system. To investigate if it's really a damaged Subaru Forester radiator that's causing the trouble, here are a few symptoms you can look for and what to do with them.

    Tip #1: Get the tub ready by cleaning the hood rails, the vertical, as well as the cowl area.

    It's important to clean the mounting flanges first before you start with the installation. This will ensure that no contaminant or debris will hamper the process. When you have finished cleaning the area, secure the hood rail, making it parallel to the hood.

    If your vehicle was damaged in a crash, the fenders might require special attention. You may need to bring your vehicle to an auto body repair shop to have the dents and other damages fixed before you install the new replacement fender.

    Tip #2: Paint the fender first before installing it.

    If you wish to give the fender a new color or customize it with patterns and designs, then do the painting beforehand. This will prevent the paint from spilling over to other parts of the vehicle. Check the color code of the paint that you will use for the fender. You can find this code on the information sticker located on the driver's side door.

    Tip #3: Prepare the area near the hood where you will install the fender.

    Before commencing the installation, you may need to lower your car's front bumper or remove it entirely to gain complete access to the fender. It also helps to temporarily detach lamps that are mounted on or surrounding the fender. This may include the park lamp, turn signals, and the headlight assembly.

    Depending on your skills, removing these parts may require assistance of a knowledgeable friend or mechanics. Be sure that you return the parts exactly as they were after you are finished with the installation.