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Jeep Cherokee Fog Light

It was in the mid to late 90s when car producers started to outfit almost every new car with fog lights. This is a pair of light mounted in the utmost front portion of the vehicle to provide extra low level illumination in foggy driving situation. Fog lights are made behind the fact that driver's visibility usually drop to such a dangerous level in foggy, snowy and rainy environment. Though they are not aimed to be a part of the vehicle's grillwork, fog lights still proved to be very significant particularly when traversing through thick fog and heavy rains.

Fog lights are extremely useful if designed properly but they can also be very hazardous if crafted poorly. Fog lights can save your life whenever there is deep set fog and you can't see normal distances. Unlike high-beam lights which normally light up and reflect off dense fog, fog lights illuminate the area below the fog so you can have better visibility of the road. Also, the fog light reflectors are made to provide wider beam for shorter distance.

However, vehicle fog lights are generally designed for fog and must only be turned on in appropriate weather conditions. On a clear day, fog lights could be blinding to oncoming traffic. And this situation often lead to vehicle collision. In using your fog lights, think of other road users. Turn on your fog lights only when you have very poor visibility, and don't ever forget to switch them off once the fog has lifted.

Just among the wide range of fog light choices are Jeep Cherokee fog lights. These components are made to give an extra pinch of safety to your Jeep Cherokee particularly in harsh weather condition. Jeep Cherokee fog lights are crafted with extreme durability to complement Jeep's toughness and superb off-road character. Jeep Cherokee fog lights aren't just hard-wearing; they are also designed to fit your model properly. So if ever your Cherokee don't have standard fog lights, better install aftermarket Jeep Cherokee fog lights. Because if you do, you have an edge both on safety and visibility compared to other cars.

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