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Jeep CJ5 Bumper

DIY Tricks to Keep Your Jeep CJ5 Bumper Looking New

Whether you're in for a casual driving or geared up for offroading, having reliable bumpers is paramount. This is primarily because your Jeep CJ5 bumper serves as your frontline protection on the road. Needless to say, your vehicle must always be equipped with a premium-quality bumper. And to make this component last longer, here are a number of ways to preserve it:

  • Get rid of old bumper stickers using lighter fluid.

You may be one of those drivers who want to express their creativity through car stickers. It's cool and awesome for some time, but when you realize that you don't want them there anymore, it can be troublesome to remove. There's no need to worry about these stickers, as they can easily be removed with some lighter fluid. All you have to do is to pour some of this fluid over the stickers you want to get rid of, then let it soak for a couple of minutes. After they have soaked well, you can remove the stickers effortlessly with a razor blade.

  • Restore the bumper's factory color with a bumper shine.

As the name says, a bumper shine restores the bumper's original gleam. You can also use other cleaners as an alternative if you can't find a bumper shine in auto shops near you. To make your bumper look new again, apply some bumper shine on the plastic trim and spread it evenly. In addition, you can also apply protectant that's specifically designed for preserving rubber and plastics. It slows down the dirt and grime buildup on the bumper, keeping it away from contaminants.

  • Use a plunger to remove dents.

When you get into a minor frontal collision, your car's bumper will most likely take the first hit. This can leave the bumper dented or even dilapidated. One way to recover your bumper's original shape is to use a plunger. Simply place the plunger on top of the dent and let its suction power pop the dent out. Take note, however, that the plunger can only do so much—it can only remove dents that are smaller than the plunger's size.

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  • A Few Tips for a Hassle-free Jeep CJ5 Bumper Installation

    No one wants to drive around with their bumpers falling out of place. It makes your ride look nasty and unappealing. It also poses safety hazards since the bumper serves as your protection in the event of an accident. To prevent casualties and have a safe trip, make sure that you have a flawless Jeep CJ5 bumper installed in your vehicle. Here are three tips that could help make the installation easy:

    Tip #1: Keep the original hardware organized.

    You wouldn't want your installation to take too long just because you are missing one or two screws. Since the bumper assembly is composed of small parts, such as screws, bolts, and clips, replacing your old bumper requires keeping all the hardware together in a safe place. Remember that you have to remove the old bumper to make way for the new one. Without a complete set of screws and bolts to secure the bumper into your Jeep, you can't pull off the replacement at your expected time. So after taking them off the vehicle, keep these tiny components in a secure area or in a container or a re-sealable zipper storage bag to prevent them from getting lost while you're busy with the installation procedures.

    Tip #2: Prevent electrical damage by unplugging wires.

    When installing the bumper, you may need to clear some electrical parts to gain full access to the bumper connections. One of these electrical components is the fog light. To safely gain access to the bumper's connections, you might need to uninstall these fog lights before detaching the old bumper. Just be cautious when moving around electrical wires since a wrong move can break the circuits and lead to a larger problem. Just make sure to remember the attachments of the fog light assembly. This way, you won't have any problems when putting the fog lights back to their original location. Getting a snapshot of the fog light connections before unplugging them can greatly help you in returning them to place.

    Tip #3: Test fit the new bumper.

    Once you have removed the old bumper from your vehicle, perform a test fit to see if the new one fits snugly into your Jeep. When doing the fitting, make sure that nothing is hindering the bumper's placement. If the bumper fits nicely into your car, then you can proceed with the step-by-step procedures. If the fitment is incorrect, you may need to do minor modifications such as repositioning the reinforcement bars. You can also try removing some elements and test-fitting the bumper again. Exercise caution when modifying the bumper, and do it at your own risk.