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Jeep CJ5 Hood

Causes of a Defective Jeep CJ5 Hood

To prevent damage to the Jeep CJ5's engine parts, a durable hood is equipped on the auto. A fully functional hood should be able to protect the parts underneath it from dirt, debris, hail, rain, and other unwanted particles. In fact, there have been cases of fire-related accidents because of an unmaintained hood. So, if you think that you already need a replacement for your stock hood, then better perform some troubleshooting. Here are some of the common defects encountered with a Jeep CJ5 hood and the reasons behind them.

Bent or dented hood

There are several instances that can lead to a bent or dented hood. For instance, objects may fall and create a dent on the part, so always be choosy when it comes to parking spots. Other times, you or your friends may sit on the hood and get it bent. Luckily, since the hood and the headlights are readily visible, diagnosing for dents should be a piece of cake. Once you find minor dents, simply prepare a hammer. Just make sure to wrap the tool with a rag to avoid paint damage. Always aim for accuracy instead of just constantly hitting the dented part.

Bird nests under the hood

This may not be a common occurrence to some drivers, but it is possible that birds build nests under the car's hood. This problem can be a fire hazard because nesting material can easily catch fire. To prevent causing a fire, make sure you check under the hood for any signs of nesting material every time you are about to drive. If the birds keep coming back to your auto, you might want to place a doll or a scary object to repel the birds.

Stuck hood

If your car hood won't open, then it can either mean that you have a defective latch assembly or a broken cable. When the release handle for the hood does not go back into position after pulling it, then the likely cause of the defect is a broken cable. When the handle retracts and you can feel the part trying to release the latch, then the latch assembly may be at fault.

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  • Simple Ways to Keep a Jeep CJ5 Hood in Good Condition

    The exterior parts of your Jeep CJ5, which include the hood, is at greater risk of getting dirty and damaged than other car parts. Constant exposure to dirt and grime, will lead to the part's premature wear and tear and eventually result to additional expenses. If you want to keep these hood problems at bay, then you had better perform regular maintenance. Listed below are some tips and tricks to keep your Jeep CJ5 hood in good condition:

    Choose your parking spots.

    An easy way to prevent dents on your auto is by choosing the right parking spot. Trees may be an ideal parking spot for shade, but those with frail branches or the ones with large fruits can put your car at risk of being hit upon by falling objects. In addition to being choosy with parking spots, refrain from sitting on your car's hood. Sometimes, with hood maintenance, all you need is self-control.

    Wash the hood periodically.

    Depending on driving situations and on how dirty the terrain is, adjust the frequency of your hood cleaning. Cleaning is easy as it involves only the use of basic washing tools like a hose, car wash soap, and clean towels. Simply rinse any surface dirt from the hood with a water hose and wash the part thoroughly with car soap. Once done, allow time for drying to eliminate signs of water spots.

    Wash the parts under the hood.

    It is also important to wash the parts under the hood, so the dirt and grime will not spread to the car's hood. But before proceeding, allow the engine to warm for a few minutes. Also, make sure to cover all the sensitive electronic parts with plastic baggies and secure them tight with rubber bands. Once done, wash and scrub the engine compartment and allow some time to dry.

    Fix dents and dings.

    Minor dents and dings can worsen over time. Luckily, these dents can be repaired so that the hood will return to its original shape. You may use a hammer to repair the part. Take note, however, that it should be wrapped with a soft rag to avoid paint damage. Keep your aim accurate and hit the dented part only when you are locked-in on the spot.