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Jeep CJ5 Soft Top

How to Take Care of the Jeep CJ5 Soft Top

Driving an open Jeep CJ5 through the sunset with that lucky lady beside you was a dream come true. But before you reached that rustic cottage near the lake, it started to rain. You had to pull out the Jeep CJ5 soft top and mount it atop your vehicle. But there's one problem. After years of use and neglect, the once seemingly almighty soft top of yours looked tired and old. Not only that, the weathered down cover couldn't do its job perfectly anymore. Rain was seeping and leaking into your interior. By the time you reached the cottage, both you and your lady were soaked. Good thing she had a good humor to spare you from further headaches. So what went wrong? Let us share you some tips on how to preserve your soft top within its expected life expectancy.

  • Get familiar with the material of the soft top.

Accept the fact that a new Jeep CJ5 soft top only lasts three to five years depending on the environment it is exposed to. Given the material type of soft tops, you really should not expect it to last as long the metal and plastic components most especially that it is exposed to the elements. So regardless of your maintenance methods, driving, and environment, there is a high probability that the soft top will have to be replaced in six to seven years tops. Unless you have a garage queen there, let's not keep your hopes too high.

  • Keep your Jeep in a cozy garage… away from moisture!

Hinted in the previous item, one way to prolong the life of your Jeep CJ5 soft top is to park in a decent garage. By decent garage, we mean cemented floors, leak-free roofing, and an overall clean space. The main purpose of storing your Jeep in a proper garage is keeping your soft top away from elements and moisture. That is the number one enemy of soft tops. So every after driving out or embarking on an adventure, don't forget to park your Jeep in a proper garage.

  • Wash and clean the Jeep soft top with products designed for it.

Lastly, don't forget that cleaning your Jeep CJ5 soft top is still one of the most essential ways to preserve it. Proper cleaning entails that you use products really designed for the soft top material. Washing rids it of dirt and grime that accumulates from your adventures and applying protective coating once you have dried it is necessary for extra care.

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  • Replacement Tips for Your Jeep CJ5 Soft Top

    Going for outdoor adventures with your Jeep CJ5 is fun especially if your model is the one with the soft top. It gives you the option to drive while feeling the wind blow to your face. But just like any other part, the soft top eventually wears out. Here are some pointers on replacing your Jeep CJ5 soft top.

    Tip #1: Anticipate its lifespan based on your use.

    With regular use, expect that a new Jeep CJ5 soft top will only last you three to five years. You might reach 6 to seven years if you’re very lucky. Shortening or prolonging its life ultimately depends on where you use your Jeep. The manner you use your vehicle also determines how much the environment and elements are taking toll on the soft top. Keep in mind that proper maintenance also helps ease the burden brought upon the accumulation of dirt and grime on the surface. Ultimately, the entirety of the Jeep CJ5’s body will definitely outlive your cover by a significant margin because of the difference in their materials.

    Tip #2: Watch out for wear and tear.

    You should always keep a watch out for signs of wear and tear on your soft top. The material can turn brittle, develop cracks, and have leaks over its expected lifespan. When these symptoms become more apparent, then you have more reasons to replace your canvass. The goal is to replace your soft top even before it begins to fail you during erratic weathers.

    Tip #3: Choose the specific soft top replacement for the Jeep CJ5.

    You have to be very specific when choosing the soft top replacement for your Jeep CJ5. There are a lot of brands that offer soft tops and they vary in the material used, dimensions, and use. In order to pick the best product for you from a vast line-up of soft top kits, you should have a clear picture of how you intend to use your Jeep after getting the replacement.

    Tip #4: Prepare the necessary tools.

    After making the purchase, all you have to do now is prepare your set of basic tools for the installation. You should be good to go in one to three hours.