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Jeep CJ7 Fuel Tank

Care Tips for the Jeep CJ7 Fuel Tank

Fuel is an essential fluid to keep your Jeep CJ7 running wherever you go. Truth be told: you need adequate supply of fuel to get yourself going in worthwhile adventures. And as the demands of your adventures become more challenging, the more you need to invest in your Jeep CJ7 fuel tank. Who would want the adventure to be cut short because of fuel shortage? This fuel shortage can be caused by a damaged fuel tank. The issue can start out as a sediment build-up that would eventually escalate into rust and corrosion issues. As rust grows into your tank, you might as well be left with an immobile Jeep. To avoid such things from happening, learn proper maintenance. Here are some care tips for the Jeep CJ7 fuel tank.

  • Fill your tank with the right fuel and seal the cap tight.

Always see to it that you fill your tank with the fuel recommended by the manufacturer. This keeps the contents of your tank consistent and safe. After filling it, you should also make sure that you place the cap tightly to avoid moisture and particles from getting in. These things can negatively affect the integrity of the fuel tank material in the long run.

  • Park your Jeep CJ7 away from moist grounds.

You should park your Jeep away from moist grounds. This can be a garage with cemented grounds and decent roofing. The idea behind this is the garage keeps the moisture on the surface of your Jeep (that includes the fuel tank) at a minimum. Bear in mind that moisture invites rust build-up on the metal panels of your Jeep.

  • Empty your fuel tank before you perform any cleaning procedures.

You should always clear your fuel tank of its contents before you begin any cleaning procedures. This makes your fuel tank more mobile, and it also removes the risk of spilling fuel while dismounting it.

  • Use a fuel tank cleaner for your container.

Using a fuel tank cleaner can help clear up the residues inside your fuel tank. Let it sit for several hours before discarding it. Don't forget to dry your tank after.

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  • Tips to Follow When Mounting the Jeep CJ7 Fuel Tank

    So, you just got a Jeep CJ7 that has gone through a good beating on different trails and road trips. While it has been generally well-taken care of, some components have already withered down to bad shape. The Jeep CJ7 fuel tank is one of the hardest hit. Because of its location in the chassis, it's so prone to bumps and scratches whenever you take it out on the trail. And despite the lift, the rugged terrain is not so forgiving. Now, you face the fact that you need to replace your fuel tank more for safety reasons than aesthetic. You know for one that a DIY installation can be achieved with some extra research, elbow grease, and patience. Doing so will also save you some money that you can use to buy other accessories. Here are some installation tips when you want to mount the Jeep CJ7 fuel tank by yourself.

    Tip #1: Inspect the area where you'll mount the fuel tank.

    Make an initial inspection of the condition of the mounting area for the Jeep CJ7 fuel tank. It is usually located at the rear underside of your vehicle. Check if the rear part of the chassis is still straight and the mounting points are okay. Also take note if any part of the old fuel tank is stuck in any way.

    Tip #2: Ask for assistance from a friend or mechanic.

    We recommend that you ask for assistance from your friend or the neighborhood mechanic if you are doing this in the convenience of your own garage. An extra hand can help you move around parts better.

    Tip #3: Park your Jeep properly and jack it up. Make sure it is immobile.

    You should park your Jeep CJ7 in your garage properly. This is where you can jack it up to give you ample room below to work on your fuel tank. Last but not the least, remember to put your parking brakes on and add a wheel stopper.

    Tip #4: Mount the new fuel tank.

    With the space cleared up, carefully mount the new fuel tank from under your Jeep CJ7. Make sure that you bolt it well and connect the fuel lines with care.