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Jeep CJ7 Mirror

Maintenance Tips for your Jeep CJ7 Mirror

The Jeep CJ7 continues to be a trusted vehicle whenever you want to drive on and off the road. It still has this certain raw appeal that enthusiasts and newbies glued to the brand and to the lifestyle associated with it. When its detachable roof is away, you easily have a great vision of your surroundings if you turn your head left and right. But doing so can distract you from what's in front of your Jeep CJ7. This is why your vehicle is equipped with the Jeep CJ7 mirror. It allows you to take a look at what's going on along the sides of your Jeep without having to turn your head too much and too often just to see the traffic. And to be able to fully benefit from its service, allow us to tell you some maintenance tips for your Jeep CJ7 mirror. Reading the list won't take too much of your time but it can prolong the life of your mirror. Here we go.

  • Regularly check the mounting of the Jeep CJ7 mirror.

The mirror is connected to the body of the Jeep via a thin stalk with a small base. You should regularly check on those components to know if anything is coming off loose. When you think that the mounting points are loose, grab a screw driver and tighten them up. This way, you don't risk your mirror getting detached while you are out there for a drive.

  • Wipe the mirror every now and then to get rid of smudges.

Who wants a blurry mirror? Impaled vision from the mirror can lead you to poor driving judgments. To avoid this from happening, you should wipe your Jeep CJ7 mirror every now and then to get rid of smudges that can distract you. Wiping it can also eliminate corrosive chemicals or oils that can affect your mirror.

  • Wash and scrub the mirror every time you give your Jeep a bath.

This is standard protocol. Washing the mirror with water eliminates all the loose dirt sticking to it. But tougher ones can be removed when you gently scrub the mirror with a sponge.

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  • Installation Tips for Your Jeep CJ7 Mirror

    Parts like the Jeep CJ7 mirror have become standard requirements in vehicles. Since the mirror is attached to your vehicle, it will sure help you navigate the road because of the rear and side vision offered to you. But when bad luck strikes, the mirror can be broken stolen, or get damaged for whatever reason. Now you are left with a mirror-less Jeep. We don't recommend you taking out your Jeep CJ7 for a drive without the mirror. You will have to get and install one for your safety. If you have not tried installing one yourself, here are some useful tips to help you get started.

    Tip #1: Buy the correct and sturdy Jeep CJ7 mirror assembly for your vehicle.

    As one Jeep enthusiast to another, we advise you to get the best Jeep CJ7 mirror there is permitted by your budget. This means you will have to be very specific with its compatibility with your vehicle, the materials used for the stalk, and the overall quality of the product. This will ensure that you get to enjoy your new Jeep CJ7 mirror for as long as you use your Jeep and as long as you keep it away from trouble and damage.

    Tip #2: Set the tools and workshop for your Jeep CJ7 mirror installation.

    You want to be all ready before you even start with the installation proper. Set out all the tools that you will need on your work bench along with all the other components provided in your Jeep CJ7 mirror package. This way, you can have a quick inventory count. It will spare you the headache of finding out about the missing parts halfway through the installation.

    Tip #3: Dismount the old mirror assembly and make a quick inspection.

    You will have to dismount the old mirror assembly and inspect the mounting area. This will help you evaluate and do a test fit before bolting down your new mirrors.

    Tip #4: Bolt your new mirrors tight and enjoy the new view.

    After all your effort, you are now ready to bolt your new mirrors. Enjoy!