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Jeep CJ7 Nerf Bars

Three Helpful Tips in Maintaining Your Jeep CJ7 Nerf Bars

Your Jeep CJ7 nerf bars allow you to have an easier access whenever you are going in and out of your ride. These bars also provide protection against slipping accidents through their stepping pads that gives your feet or footwear superior grip. Aside from their safety function, your nerf bars also enhances the tough look of your Jeep. Because of their significance, your nerf bars need to be maintained at all times. Here are some tips to keep your nerf bars in top condition:

  • Let your nerf bars dry off thoroughly after rinsing it.

Make sure that you rinse your nerf bars with clean water to eliminate dirt on the surface before polishing. Dry them off using a microfiber towel. This type of towel can avoid scratching the surface while helping you to remove all excessive dirt and grease. In addition, drying your nerf bars thoroughly can prevent them from being slippery.

  • Use the appropriate kind of polish.

Apply polish on your nerf bars as it protects them from scratches and can give them nerf bars additional shine. But before buffing out scratches or other damage, keep in mind that each type of nerf bar has its own appropriate kind of polish. Use a stainless steel polish for stainless steel nerf bars, an aluminum polish for aluminum nerf bars, and chrome polish for chrome nerf bars. If you have coated nerf bars, you cannot apply metal polish on it. Instead, use a polish or cleaner intended for paint because the finish of coated nerf bars is just like paint material. You can repeat the application if necessary.

  • Prevent rust by waxing.

Your nerf bars are made from metal, so they are susceptible to corrosion. To avoid this, it is recommended to wax your nerf bars especially the areas underneath, as these are the spots where rust starts to form.

  • Drive carefully.

While Jeeps are for off-roading and rugged driving, you can still try to take good care of its exterior components and add-ons by avoiding huge rocks, very narrow terrains, and other hazards that could cause dents and other types of damage on the nerf bars.

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  • Three Tips for a Successful Installation of Your Jeep CJ7 Nerf Bars

    The Jeep Cj7 has a high clearance that makes it suitable for off-road driving. Just like other vehicles, your Jeep needs to have stepping components especially that it is higher than normal passenger vehicles. Your nerf bars make this possible. These are located below the doors of the driver and the passenger's area, which make the passage to your vehicle easier. They can also serve as additional protection for your vehicle's doors from road debris. However, they can wear out over time. So if you want to replace your nerf bars and install new ones, here are some simple tips to get you started:

    Tip #1: Test fit your nerf bars to make sure that all the components are in proper position.

    Place your nerf bars on both sides of your vehicle's body but do not secure them at once. You must keep in mind that there might be adjustments that need to be done before you attach them firmly. For instance, if the brackets of your nerf bars cannot be aligned properly, that may indicate wrong placement. You may need to switch your nerf bars on each side for this matter. It is better to check the marks or labels of the components of your nerf bars. This is to ensure that they will be placed in the right location on your vehicle's frame.

    Tip #2: Ask for assistance so your nerf bars can be supported while you are drilling or checking holes.

    Ask someone who can assist you in holding your nerf bars in place. This is because you need to monitor if there are enough holes that are precisely aligned on the frame of your vehicle and on your nerf bars as well. You may have to drill holes if your vehicle's mounting frame does not have any or if your vehicle has pre-drilled holes but are too small for the holes of your nerf bars. Let the other person hold the nerf bars while you are marking holes and drilling, until you attain the desired size of holes.

    Tip #3: Secure the brackets and bolts for a safe installation.

    Secure the mounting brackets on your vehicle's frame while you are attaching your nerf bars. Tighten all the bolts of your nerf bars until they are placed properly. You must apply gentle pressure once your nerf bars are installed in order to push them in and keep them firm. You can also test the stability of your newly installed nerf bars by pressing them down or stepping on them.