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Jeep Commander Parts and Jeep Commander Accessories

Long before we got the modern Jeep, these rugged vehicles were used extensively by the military during World War 2. It's no wonder that the Jeep brand was built to be tough and it continues to do so with their current lineup under the Chrysler Group. One of their latest vehicles would be the Jeep Commander, a mid size SUV that was manufactured from 2006 up to 2010. Older folks would probably remember that the "Commander" name was first used in the Studebaker Commander, but Jeep's SUV is a completely different vehicle altogether.

The Jeep Commander was first introduced during the 2005 New York Auto Show where it garnered much praise and attention. It came with a number of interesting features when it was released back in 2006. Jeep Commander parts included a 3.7-liter V6 engine, a 5-speed automatic transmission system, alloy wheels, and more. One particular feature called "Command View" was unique to the Jeep Commander as it had three moonroofs that allowed for plenty of natural light inside the cabin area. Later on, Jeep offered additional trims that allowed drivers to further customize their vehicle to suit their needs.

Individuals who needed more power from their Jeep Commander can opt for the Limited or Overland trims, which sported more powerful V8 engines along with better accessories and features that weren't available in the base model. There was even an SRT-8 model that was supposed to come with a monster 6.1-liter HEMI V8 engine, but sadly this variant never made it into production. More than 200,000 Jeep Commanders were produced during its limited 5 year run. Owners will never run out of options when it comes to customizing or repairing this SUV with aftermarket parts and accessories as there are tons of replacement gear for this SUV available today.

Jeep Commander Parts