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Jeep Distributor

As the word itself implies, the distributor system of your car is responsible for the distribution of electrical current needed by the auto parts and systems comprising the vehicle to carry out its designated tasks. The distributor is part of the electronic ignition system which serves as the connecting passage from one component to the other to facilitate the flow of electrical current.
The cap of the distributor system is responsible for the movement of the funnel to spark up the plug wires for production of the electrical energy. The high voltage electrical energy is then carried into the components in need of it through the rotor arm. The rotor is paired with the distributor which is meant to function as the passageway for the spark coming from the main terminals to be transported or supplied to other terminals and spark plug wires.

Instead of the distributor system, some cars are equipped with distributorless ignition system which is also composed of the ignition coil, ignition module and ignition crankshaft that functions independently unlike the electronic ignition type that requires the use of a distributor system to come up with the spark for the combustion process to take place.
Electronic ignition systems cannot go on with its daily task without the distributor system. In fact it plays a vital role in the optimum performance of the vehicle. Constant check up is a must to ensure that the distributor is faithfully performing its designated task. Defective distributor must be repaired or replaced with a new one depending on the amount of damage. Aftermarket and OEM replacement like Jeep distributor can be easily found in any market both in the net and in local stores.
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