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Jeep Grand Cherokee Parts and Jeep Grand Cherokee Accessories

Fun Facts about Jeep Grand Cherokee

  • It seems like the Jeep Grand Cherokee is a popular choice for a "first" personal car of many prominent personalities. Who are these people? One of them is no other than President Barack Obama. He bought a Grand Cherokee in 2000. It was his first new car. The Cherokee was also Leonardo DiCaprio's first car. He bought it when he was 18.

  • The 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee is billed as the most awarded SUV of all time. From the time of its introduction, it has won 30 major recognitions from prestigious automotive organizations and media groups. Some of the notable awards are: Consumers Digest's Best Buy, Insurance Institute for Highway safety's Top Safety Pick, msn.Autos' Safest Car in America, and Ruedas ESPN's Best SUV.

  • The Jeep Grand Cherokee was the first Jeep vehicle produced under the manufacturer's name Chrysler. The company continued dveloping the said vehicle after it was bought from American Motors (AMC) in 1987.

  • In 1992, the Ford Explorer was selling like hotcakes. Chrysler developed the Jeep Grand Cherokee with the ultimate goal of competing against the Explorer. To be at par with the Explorer, the Grand Cherokee got bigger, wider, and more luxurious than its predecessor Cherokee. But the unique thing about it is the monocoque-body construction, which is better than the Explorer's body-on-frame design.

  • In Brazil, A Jeep Grand Cherokee has a hefty price tag of $89,500. No, it doesn't have gold-plated rims, nor crystals and gems. It comes in standard/basic version. Its price skyrocketed due to import requirements and taxes. If the buyer lives in America, he can already buy three Grand Cherokees with his $89,500.

  • All Jeep Grand Cherokee models, regardless of their version or trim levels, have the unique seven-slot grille. According to, "It's the calling card for the ultimate off-road vehicle."

  • The Jeep Grand Cherokee's popularity even made it to the gaming world. It appeared in the Need for Speed III: Hot Pursuit as a blue traffic vehicle/car along with Jeep Comanche.

  • The first electric version of the Jeep Grand Cherokee is already on its way. In the first half of 2012, Amp Electric Vehicles, a world-renowned manufacturer of electnonic cars made an announcement about its plan to produce the Jeep Grand Cherokee parts. Production and assembly will start by early 2013.

Jeep Grand Cherokee Articles

  • Jeep Grand Cherokee Problems

    The Jeep Grand Cherokee is one of the flagship vehicles from world-renowned auto manufacturer Chrysler. Since the time of its introduction until today, it remains as one of the popular choices among car buyers. Some of its most-loved features are the PowerTech engine, the unibody chassis, and the overall rugged look. But behind these notable attributes are some mechanical and electrical problems that a lot of owners experience. Grand Cherokee owners should pay attention to the following common issues since they might encounter them one of these days.


    One of the most common engine complaints from Jeep Grand Cherokee owners is a faulty fuel pump. A faulty pump often causes engine stalls and poor acceleration. Also, a lot of reports about fuel injection problems were recorded. Chrysler admitted that there was really a glitch in the design and assembly of the intake and exhaust manifold, specifically among 2002 Jeep Grand Cherokees. This flaw resulted in the clogging of the cylinders in the injection system. It was the primary reason behind the vehicle's poor engine performance.

    On April 8, 2002, Chrysler recalled a total of 1,115,322 Grand Cherokee units with faulty fuel pump and fuel injection system.

    Power train control module

    The control modules of 2005 Jeep Grand Cherokees were programmed using the wrong software. A lot of reports about sudden engine stalls, low fuel mileage, and poor transmission were recorded. Because of these incidents, Chrysler issued a recall to fix the control module problems. It encouraged the owners of the affected vehicles to bring their SUV to any authorized dealership for a free reprogramming of the module.

    Cooling fan

    Cooling fan failure is second on the list of the most common problems in a Jeep Grand Cherokee. The usual complaints point to fan blades breaking off and slashing the fan shroud, which can cause extensive engine damage. A total of 189,479 units were recalled because of this problem.

    Air bags

    Air bags that were not properly set up may deploy any time while the car owner is driving on the road. This situation often leads to physical injuries and severe car damage that can affect a variety of Jeep Grand Cherokee parts. Chrysler got a number of reports regarding this. That's why On November 9, 2012, the company recalled a total of 744,822 Cherokees in the United States.