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Signs of a Bad Mercedes Benz CLS55 AMG Oil Drain Plug Gasket

It's critical that the engine oil of the Mercedes Benz CLS55 AMG stays inside the motor for proper lubrication and heat management. Loss of this liquid, even in small amounts, has very bad effects in terms of performance. One tiny but surprisingly vital part that keeps it inside is the oil drain plug gasket. This is placed directly between the screw-like drain plug and the oil pan. The car's age and abuse taken over the distance it travels both contribute to the deterioration of this little seal. If left alone and unmaintained, you're going to have a slightly vulnerable engine. To help you diagnose if your car's suffering from a bad oil drain plug basket, the following are some signs that should be useful to you:

The drain plug is constantly stripped.

The oil drain plug is removed and returned every time you get an oil change. If you notice that you need to replace your old a plug to a larger one after every visit because it keeps getting stripped, chances are the gasket should also be changed. This is due to the over tightening of both parts. Doing this damages the gasket and plug rather than helps make a better seal. When you buy a new pair, make sure to apply only enough torque so as not to break these again.

There's an oil leak on the garage floor.

A bad oil drain plug gasket leads to an oil leak on the garage floor after leaving the car parked for a long time. What you should see are just small tiny drops of fluid and not a big puddle of muck. This amount clearly indicates that you only have a small breach on the oil pan. The most probably source is the small gap created by a bad gasket.

There's a small leak around the plug.

Not seeing the small drops of oil on the garage floor doesn't necessarily mean that there's nothing wrong with the gasket. Check the area around the plug and see if there's a small build up of grease there. Assuming that the oil pan itself is intact, the source of the tiny leak may again be a bad gasket. The difference with this one is that the drops are so little because the failure is only at an early stage.

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  • Three Ways to Delay a Mercedes Benz CLS55 AMG Oil Drain Plug Gasket Replacement

    Though a very small and seemingly insignificant part of any car, the oil drain plug gasket of a Mercedes Benz CLS55 AMG is one piece that can still give you significant problems and headaches. The difference in having one that's damaged and one that's intact mostly depends on how you treat it. If you make the mistake of seeing the gasket as the least of your concerns, then it's easy to have one that's bad. Give it some care and attention and it's more likely that this won't give up you and your car any time soon. The following are some of the things you can do to care for your Benz's drain plug gasket:

    Clean the gasket every oil change.

    When taking the CLS55 for an oil change, the oil plug gasket has a tendency to fall off the oil pan when you pull the drain plug and remove the oil. This results in a gasket gets that gets pretty dirty as a combination of accumulated dirt and old oil ends up on its surface. A simple rub down of the gasket is all it takes for cleaning. Forgetting to get these stains off not only creates a bad seal between the plug and the pan, it also hastens the rate in which it breaks down and fails.

    Don't over tighten the drain plug.

    If you're reusing the same oil plug and gasket after an oil change, make sure you don't over tighten the drain plug when you return it. Doing so only makes things worse. You might think that this creates a better seal for the parts. On the contrary, over tightening destroys both the plug and gasket. The plug is stripped, and the gasket becomes too thin to work properly.

    Stay away from plastic and nylon gaskets.

    Sooner or later, the gasket on your Benz will need a replacement. This is inevitable even if you follow both tips mentioned above. When looking for a new one, it's recommended that you stay away from seals made of plastic or nylon. These have a tendency to melt and stick to the oil pan's outer surface. The best options are still those made of a more durable material like aluminum and copper.