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Jeep Grand Cherokee Bug Shield

Easy-to-Use Guide for Maintaining the Jeep Grand Cherokee Bug Shield

Bug shields for the Jeep Grand Cherokee are often touted as maintenance free, but this is not entirely true. While bug shields are made of tough plastic, they are still vulnerable to wear as well as to other types of damage brought by natural elements, particularly from constant exposure to the sun. Maintaining your Jeep Grand Cherokee bug shield helps keep it in top shape over a long period. To help you out, here are some simple yet effective ways to care for and maintain this accessory for your Jeep.

  • Clean the bug shield by hand.

Periodic washing of the bug shield is still the best way to keep it clean, but it's recommend that you wash this accessory by hand. Manual washing of the bug shield ensures more thorough cleaning, especially in hard-to-reach areas such as underneath the blade. To wash the bug shield, you can use your preferred car shampoo and a sponge or a wash mitt. Do not use dish soap, ammonia-based cleaners, or brushes in cleaning the shield as these can damage the protective coat on the surface of the blade. Also, make sure to do the washing under a shaded area as direct exposure to the sun will cause the soap to dry too quickly and leave streaks on the surface.

  • Polish the shield with wax.

After washing the bug shield, why not give it a coating of car wax as well? Car polish or wax provides the bug shield with the same benefits it gives your car's body panels, including improved stain and moisture-repellant properties and UV protection. The fact that it also gives the shield a shiny finish doesn't hurt either.

  • Check for and replace any worn rubber bumpers.

Meant to prevent the bug shield from rubbing against the paint of the hood, the rubber bumpers tend to dry out over time, making them cracked and brittle to the touch. Regularly spraying these bumpers with penetrating oil will help in keeping them supple, but if the bumpers have become severely deteriorated, they must be replaced with new ones.

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  • Installation Tips You Might Find Handy for the Jeep Grand Cherokee Bug Shield

    Meant to deflect flying insects and rocks from the hood and windshield, the bug shield is one of the accessories that you can install on the Jeep Grand Cherokee without the need for special tools. This accessory is often sold as a kit, including the hardware needed to mount the shield on its place in front of the hood. Even if you have minimal experience in installing car accessories, it won't be difficult for you to install a new Jeep Grand Cherokee bug shield, provided you have the basic tools on hand. Here are some tips that can help you out:

    Tip #1: Clean the mounting location.

    Bug shields typically have a tape liner at the bottom that helps secure it in place as well as create a seal between the shield and the hood. However, the tape will not stick properly if the hood surface is dirty. So while you might be eager to have your new shield on your ride, make sure to wash the hood first with soap and water. Rinse and wipe it dry using a cloth. Afterwards, wipe the area with cloth soaked in rubbing alcohol to remove car wax residue, which can also weaken the adhesive property of the tape. Some bug shield kits contain a packet of alcohol swabs just for this purpose.

    Tip #2: Pre-fit the new shield.

    Doing a trial fit prior to installation will help you determine the correct position of the bug shield on the hood. It should be noted that the shield must be mounted with a significant amount of clearance from the edges of the hood, and the exact length depends on your vehicle model. Also, bug shield manufacturers do not normally accept returns on parts that have already been modified or painted, so test-fit it first for you to know if it matches the specs of your Grand's Cherokee's hood.

    Tip #3: Do not over-tighten the screws.

    If the bug shield comes with screw attachments, tighten them only to a point that they snugly fit on the threads. Tightening the screws beyond that may cause the shield to shift out of alignment or even result in small cracks around the mounting hole.