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Jeep Grand Cherokee Bumper Cover

How to Keep Your Jeep Grand Cherokee Bumper Cover in Its Best Condition

A well-maintained Jeep Grand Cherokee bumper cover adds up to your vehicle's style. In addition, this car part is needed for the actual bumper's protection against scratches or possible damage due to collision. Thus, you should know how to keep your Jeep Grand Cherokee bumper cover in its best condition. Here are some tips that will surely help you:

  • Clean the bumper cover using a brush with soft bristles.

As an exterior car part, the bumper cover is usually prone to dirt. That is why you should brush it gently to remove the accumulated dirt particles. Once you are finished, wash your bumper cover with your trusted car washing product for your Jeep Cherokee.

  • Make use of other necessary cleaning products for stain removal.

There are also spots that may appear in your vehicle's bumper cover that you need to remove. Make use of undiluted white vinegar, which is proven to be an effective stain remover. For paint stains, you can use a lacquer thinner to even out the paint on the bumper cover. Apply the vinegar or thinner until the spots are not visible anymore.

  • Bring back the form of the bumper cover if there are unwanted dents.

Bumper covers are made from plastic or from plate metal. If your Cherokee bumper cover is made from plastic and there is a visible dent, simply use a heat gun to mend it. On the other hand, if your bumper cover is made from plate metal, you must use a rubber mallet gently to restore the form of the cover.

  • Even out the surfaces for a smoother cover.

There may be smaller lumps in your bumper cover that cannot be corrected using larger tools. In cases like this, use a sandpaper to make the surfaces even. Then apply a car cleaning gel or wax for a smoother finish.

Other cleaning tips to remember

Do not forget to remove your bumper cover before cleaning. Also, make sure that you apply your cleaning materials to the cover as gently as possible. For instance, brushing your bumper cover rigidly can result to more scratches. In addition, hitting the dents too much can cause more deformation on your bumper cover.

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  • Common Problems with Your Jeep Grand Cherokee Bumper Cover

    Your car bumper is very susceptible to dirt and damage since it is located at the front or rear of your vehicle. That is why it is highly important that you keep your Jeep Grand Cherokee bumper cover in good condition at all times. You see, it provides protection for your bumper and gives your car additional style at the same time. Because of its frequent exposure to damage, you must be ahead of the situation and know the common causes behind the problems that occur in this essential part:

    Visible dents on the cover

    A common symptom of a damaged bumper cover is the evident appearance of dents. They are usually caused by objects that may hit or come in contact with your Jeep Grand Cherokee. You can use vacuum or suction force to prevent the dent from becoming bigger and to return the bumper cover in its proper form.

    Detached position of the bumper cover

    This may be caused by loose clips that attach the bumper to the frame. The installation of the nearby parts such as the headlights can also affect the bumper cover to be loose. The best way to prevent this problem is by checking the frame where the bumper cover is placed, and by securing all its mounting clips.

    Broken tabs of the bumper cover

    Your bumper cover may also be detached from the frame because of the tabs that connect the bumper to your car. The tabs are important because they act as foundation and security for the bumper cover, aside from the clips that are attached to it. A broken tab needs to be repaired or replaced, depending on its actual condition.

    Other troubleshooting tips to remember

    Although the mentioned problems can easily be fixed, your bumper cover can also be subject to worse conditions. For instance, it can break and deform under extreme pressure. It can also be detached permanently. If you encounter scenarios like these, replacing your bumper cover will be the best option for your Jeep Grand Cherokee.