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Jeep Grand Cherokee Bumper Guard

Common Culprits behind Jeep Grand Cherokee Bumper Guard Problems

Most car owners how important it is to have front and rear-end bumpers in very good condition, which is why many of them also make it a point to mount a high quality bumper guard on their vehicles. The bumper guard works as a protector for the bumpers, particularly those placed on the front-end of a vehicle. It strengthens the capacity of the bumper to absorb shock during collision to make sure that there is a lesser impact on the body. But although the bumper guard is made of durable material that does not get worn out easily, it is still possible for it to get damaged after a couple of years. Here are some signs you can notice if you have a damaged Jeep Grand Cherokee bumper guard:

Dents, cracks, and holes

If you are suspecting problem son your vehicle's bumper guard, the first thing you should look for is if there are dents, cracks, or holes on the accessory. And if there are, then it could be a good reason for you to get a replacement for the one that you have. Holes, dents, and cracks can lessen the integrity of the bumper guard. If there are plenty of these on your bumper guard, there is a bigger tendency for it to break into pieces the moment it collides with another vehicle or a hard surface. Make sure that your bumper guard is free of cracks or holes at all times by visually inspecting it from all sides.

Thinning out rubber

Some bumper guards are made from thick high quality rubber that has the capacity to absorb strong blows or impact on the vehicle. However, it is also possible for the rubber to eventually get too thin, especially since it is constantly exposed to extreme weather conditions and temperatures as well as various substances on the road. Once you notice that the rubber lining on your bumper guard has significantly thinned out, have it replaced immediately.

Slippery substance

After constant exposure to liquids, your bumper guard a certain sticky substance may also form on the surface of your bumper guard making it slippery than usual. The bumper guard is supposed to be kept dry at all times, and failure to do so may have a large effect on the rubber material. When you see some slippery substance on your bumper guard, wipe it off right away to prevent accidents and other problems it may cause.

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  • How to Keep the Jeep Grand Cherokee Bumper Guard in Good Condition

    In order to keep you Jeep Grand Cherokee bumper guard in mint condition, there are a couple of things that you should do. You cannot just expect your bumper guard to take care of itself after you mount it on the vehicle, and hope that it does not get damaged after several years. Of course, you also need to conduct an effective maintenance procedure to make sure that your bumper guard stays strong and functional. Here are some tips on how you can maintain the quality of your bumper guard:

    Schedule a regular cleaning and inspection.

    In order to keep it pristine, you have to schedule a regular cleaning session for your bumper guard. You don't have to bring the vehicle to a car service center as you can do the cleaning on your own. All you need is a non-abrasive cloth, which you can use to wipe off dirt, and an effective cleaning solution that won't damage the material of your bumper guard. Also, make time for a thorough inspection, so you can properly check if there are small problems on your bumper guard.

    Keep it dry at all times.

    It's a given that your bumper guard gets wet sometimes. However, this does not have to happen constantly, especially if your car is just parked in your garage at home. As much as possible, you have to keep your bumper guard dry in order to preserve its quality for a long time. After washing, wipe off excess water using a dry cloth or leave it to air dry before covering the vehicle entirely. This will not only keep your bumper guard in high quality, but it will also prevent the possibility of a slippery spot developing on a certain area on the guard.

    Avoid collision on either side of the vehicle.

    Every time you take your Grand Cherokee out on the road, there is a huge chance that it will collide on a surface or another vehicle. Although the main purpose of your bumpers is to protect your vehicle at all times, you also have to consider the condition of your bumper guard. Do not be reckless just because there is a bumper guard you can rely on. Keep in mind that after several collisions, there will also come a time when your bumper guard will need repairs or replacement.