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Jeep Grand Cherokee Nerf Bars

Simple Ways to Keep Your Jeep Grand Cherokee Nerf Bars Looking Good

Your Jeep Grand Cherokee nerf bars offer you protection against minor side collisions and give you an added ease when getting in and out of your SUV. They're stylish and handy add-ons that are quite popular with SUVs nowadays. They are also fairly easy to maintain. Check out these tips to keep your nerf bars looking good as new:

  • Don't let filth build up over its surface.

It's basically impossible to prevent dirt and grime from sticking onto your nerf bars. Considering the purposes that they serve, cleaning them is not a matter of choice but more of a necessity. Mild soap and warm water are usually used to wash off dirt from the surface of the nerf bars. It may sound too simple to work but it's enough to do the trick. Scrub off accumulated dirt with a sponge or a soft cloth, you can also use an old toothbrush to clean hard-to-reach areas for a better result. After you get rid of all the filth, make sure that you dry off the nerf bars to avoid water stains.

  • Regularly wax or polish your nerf bars.

Whether your nerf bars are in powder coated black or polished stainless steel finish, a good coat of wax will help it resist the damaging effects brought by different harmful elements. Most manufacturers recommend that you make this a part of your routine maintenance to ensure that your nerf bars are kept protected and gleaming. It's an easy task that will benefit you in the long run. Simply dab a small amount of wax over a non-abrasive cloth and work it slowly into the surface of your nerf bars with small circular motions.

  • Keep an eye out for signs of rust.

By now, you may already be aware that your vehicle's nerf bars are exposed to very harsh working conditions. They get covered with dirt, stepped on, or even bumped during a minor collision. All these factors are likely to damage your nerf bars' protective coating, making them more susceptible to rust and corrosion. To keep your nerf bars from weakening, make sure you tend to rust as soon as possible. You can start by cleaning damaged areas with a rust-dissolving solution. For cheaper alternatives, you can also use vinegar and soft aluminum foil. To reinforce their surface, repaint and wax the damaged areas after you completely get rid of rust.

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  • Basic Installation Tips to Keep in Mind for Your Jeep Grand Cherokee Nerf Bars

    Getting your Jeep Grand Cherokee a set of nerf bars is an awesome way to improve its looks and convenience. But more than the extra step that it offers when getting in and out of your vehicle, nerf bars are also useful for protecting you and your SUV against minor collisions.

    Installing your Jeep Grand Cherokee nerf bars is a very easy task that won't require you to visit a professional. All you need is a helpful friend and the following installation tips to make this DIY task easier:

    Tip #1: Check if you have all the components needed to mount your nerf bars.

    One of the most annoying things in life is failing to find something just when you badly need to use it. Avoid this scenario when installing your nerf bars by checking and organizing all the tools and components that are required for this task. The first thing you should do is to verify if all the mounting hardware you need are included in the package. Don't forget to read its installation manual for further guides. The tools you'll most probably use for this job is a wrench and a power drill, so you should have those at hand as well.

    Tip #2: Look under your car to see if it has pre-existing mounting holes.

    Mounting holes are where you'll attach your nerf bars, so it's important to ensure that your vehicle has them. It's unlikely that your Jeep Grand Cherokee has no pre-existing holes, but it wouldn't hurt for you to check. Simply inspect the underside of your vehicle and look for holes below the doors. In case you find none, get your power tool ready for some DIY drilling. Double-check all necessary measurements before you make a hole to ensure that you don't make any mistakes.

    Tip #3: Make sure that everything is lined up correctly.

    If you got the right nerf bars for your vehicle, everything should be lined up properly. They should not exceed the entire length of the vehicle's cab and their step pads should be located just below the doors. Before you call the manufacturer for a replacement, you should first check if you mounted the brackets properly. After you verified that you didn't make any installation mistakes and yet your nerf bars are still improperly aligned, there's a high chance that you got nerf bars that are incompatible with your vehicle.