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Jeep Grand Cherokee Tail Light

Helpful Tips in Maintaining Your Jeep Grand Cherokee Tail Light

The Jeep Grand Cherokee is an award-winning SUV, and it won't get that accolade for nothing. Besides its powerful engine, off-road capability, and up-to-date technology and features, it also boasts a range of advanced safety and security features. The lights installed around your Grand Cherokee are among its most important safety features, so you have to make sure they are always in good-working condition.

If you are using your Cherokee for your off-road adventures, the more you should take good care of your automotive lights as it can be extremely dangerous to drive off the beaten path if you can't clearly see what's ahead of you or if your ride isn't visible to other off-roaders. When it comes to maintaining your Jeep Grand Cherokee tail light, here are some tips for you to keep in mind:

  • Deal with any irregularity in the function and appearance of your tail lights as soon as the first sign appears.

The moment you notice that there's something wrong with your tail lights, especially with its functions, find out what's causing it, so you'll know the proper way to fix it. By so doing, you'll be able to prevent any glitch from getting worse, and you can also stay away from "fix it" tickets. If you live in a state or city with strict traffic laws, you could be pulled over by a cop and issued a "fix it" ticket for driving with malfunctioning tail lights.

  • Make sure the lenses of your taillights are always clear and in perfect shape.

The lens has a huge effect on the quality of light that will be emitted by the tail lights, so you'd better make sure that it is in good shape at all times. A hazy lens must be restored right away to bring back its proper function and good looks. You can do that by cleaning the lens first and sanding it right after. For the lens to look like new again, you can apply the right amount of polish and buff the surface.

Remember that replacement isn't always the best solution to tail light lenses problems. Sometimes, all it takes are simple cleaning procedures and other maintenance techniques and your Jeep Grand Cherokee tail light will be back to normal again.

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  • Finding out the Culprit behind Your Jeep Grand Cherokee Tail Light Problems

    Without properly working tail lights, navigating the roads at night can be very risky. How much more if you’re driving off-road, where there are lots of surprises everywhere? If you don’t want to get involved in a road mishap due to your defective Jeep Grand Cherokee tail light set, make sure that these lights are always working well. If you think there’s anything unusual with how they operate, don’t think twice in doing some troubleshooting. This way, you will know what to do next, and how you’ll deal with it. If you’re an average DIYer, diagnosing tail light problems won’t be tough of a task for you. Below are some of the problems you’ll likely to encounter with your Jeep’s tail light and the ways to troubleshoot them:

    Both lights aren’t turning on

    The most common reason for such problem is a blown fuse or a loose/damaged wiring. This can be diagnosed by accessing the fuse box, which is installed under the dashboard in most vehicles. Make sure the ignition is off before attempting to take off the fuse box cover. Find the designated fuse for the tail light. Determine if it is blown or not by bringing it near a light source or by shining a flashlight. A blown fuse has broken piece of metal inside. If you think it’s blown, remove the fuse and have it replaced with a new one right away.

    If the fuse looks fine, you may need to do further troubleshooting. Inspect the wires next. Have your manual handy as it can be your guide in determining proper wire connections. If there’s a loose wire in one of the connections, that could be the cause of the problem. Reconnect the wire properly, and check if the tail lights are now functioning.

    Only one of the tail lights is working

    This problem is more likely caused by a busted bulb. While it’s easy to determine a busted bulb, you will have to deal with the lens first before you can access it. Depending on your Cherokee model, you may have to unscrew the lens just to gain access to the bulb inside. A busted bulb must be replaced immediately if you want to restore the functions of your tail lights.