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Jeep Grand Cherokee Window Regulator

How to Find Common Jeep Grand Cherokee Window Regulator Issues

Once the power windows in your Jeep Grand Cherokee go on the fritz, one of the likely culprits is the window regulator. One of the components that comprise the Grand Cherokee power window system, the window regulator is a system of cables and linkages that control the movement of the power window. Window regulators rarely cause any problems, but due to various such as factory defects, corrosion or damage from a fender bender can cause the window regulator to fail. In this guide, we'll break down some of the common signs of Jeep Grand Cherokee window regulator and how you can troubleshoot them.

The power windows won't move

A car window that doesn't close or open when the power window button is pressed is a good indication of window regulator failure, but there are also other reasons why the power window would stop working. So before you buy a replacement, you need to determine first whether a broken regulator is actually the culprit. First, check if the problem is with all the windows or if it is isolated to just one door. If all the windows aren't moving, the window regulator fuse may have burnt out and needs replacing. But if the problem is just one window, it could be due to a faulty window motor or window regulator.

The windows move sluggishly

However, if the window does move but is slow to open or close, the problem could be with the gaskets. The windows of the Jeep Grand Cherokee are surrounded by rubberized gaskets to keep rain and wind noise out, and over time these gaskets can get loose or torn and impede the movement of the window regulator. Loose gaskets can usually be re-glued using weatherstrip adhesive, while minor to moderate tears can be fixed with super glue. But if the gasket is severely worn or damaged, it's better to replace it instead.


Rust in the window regulator linkages often occur during the winter months, as ice can form around the window regulator assembly and lead to corrosion. In addition, torn or loose window gaskets can also let moisture into the interior of the car door and cause the regulator to rust. Sanding and applying rust remover on the affected areas of the window regulator often fixes this, although severely corroded regulator linkages must be replaced.

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  • How to Maintain Jeep Grand Cherokee Window Regulators

    While their location inside the car door gives them ample protection against the weather and other harmful elements, the window regulators of the Jeep Grand Cherokee power windows still need maintenance from time to time. In this guide, we'll list down some simple ways you can maintain Jeep Grand Cherokee window regulator.

    Repair loose or torn window gaskets with weatherstrip adhesive and superglue.

    The windows of the Jeep Grand Cherokee are surrounded by rubber gaskets to protect the window regulator from dirt, moisture, wind noise. However, over time these gaskets tend to become loose or torn which, in turn, can impede the movement of the window glass and allow moisture to corrode the window regulator linkages. If the gaskets in your Grand Cherokee have become loose, clean off the old adhesive with paint thinner, replace it with weatherstrip adhesive, and glue it back into place. Torn window gaskets, on the other hand, can often be re-affixed with superglue, although severely damaged gaskets must be replaced.

    Clean and lubricate the linkages with silicone protectant.

    The linkages of the window regulator tend to accumulate gunk which, if allowed to build up, can slow down the regulator's movements or even completely prevent it from moving at all. So if you notice that the power windows are moving sluggishly than normal, you may need to lubricate the regulator linkages. We recommend using silicone spray as it can reach those hard-to-reach-areas and leaves little or no residue. Some of the areas you should lubricate include the front and rear pivot points, the area where the levers slide against their travel points, and the gear teeth connecting the regulator to the power window motor.

    Avoid parking your SUV outside during winter.

    Though the components of the Jeep Grand Cherokee are durable enough to withstand freezing temperatures, keeping your SUV outside during winter may cause ice to form around the window regulator linkages and prevent them from moving. In addition, once the ice thaws it can induce corrosion on the regulator's metal parts. So as much as possible, park your Jeep Grand Cherokee inside a garage during the winter.