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Jeep Headers

If your vehicle is responding a little less enthusiastically than you would like when you pull out to the passing lane, a set of Jeep headers is a great way to upgrade its power and performance. Jeep headers are designed to add efficiency to the vehicle exhaust system, allowing the vehicle emissions to flow more smoothly away from the engine. Most vehicles are manufactured with an exhaust manifold as standard equipment, which collects the hot exhaust gasses as they are expelled from the exhaust valves. In this type of system, each engine cylinder releases its burst of exhaust fumes in turn into a common area, each having to fight past the flow from its neighboring cylinder to make its way out to the exhaust system. This can leave the system prone to backpressure, reducing the power output of the engine. Jeep headers offer a more efficient system, giving each engine cylinder its own tiny exhaust pipe to vent its exhaust flow, allowing the exhaust gasses to flow smoothly away from the engine to the exhaust system, eliminating the potential for power robbing backpressure. This simple improvement in the efficiency of your vehicle's exhaust process adds a boost of power that will bring a very noticeable difference in the response of your vehicle. We carry a selection of quality Jeep headers in our user-friendly online catalog, all at very reasonable prices. Our site is well organized and very secure to make ordering your Jeep headers quick and efficient, or you can place your order just as conveniently with the assistance of our courteous customer service representatives when you dial our toll-free phone line.