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Jeep Oil Filter

The Jeep oil filter is of critical importance to the proper function of your engine, preserving the efficient and reliable function of many crucial engine parts. Many of the moving parts inside the engine of your vehicle require constant lubrication to prevent friction between them as they function. A steady supply of engine oil is circulated through the engine to keep these parts lubricated, keeping friction to a minimum to prevent the damage it can cause in these delicate parts. The oil pump circulates the engine oil under pressure, sucking the oil up from the oil pan when the engine is started, and then pumping it through the Jeep oil filter. The Jeep oil filter sifts impurities out of the engine oil, keeping it free of abrasive particles that could cause excessive wear to many of these engine parts, before sending it on to be pumped into the engine to lubricate the cylinder walls and bearings, and the many other moving engine parts. The oil will drain back into the sump after it has completed this cycle, to be picked up by the oil pump to travel the same path over again. Regular replacement of the Jeep oil filter is crucial to its good performance, required with every oil change to keep it at its most efficient. If this regular maintenance is neglected, the Jeep oil filter can become ineffective, allowing impurities to enter the flow of engine oil, leaving delicate engine parts vulnerable to damage or failure. We carry a selection of Jeep oil filter replacements in our online catalog, all at very affordable prices. Our site is secure and efficient to make ordering your Jeep oil filter safe and easy or our toll-free phone line is available for your convenience.