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Jeep Patriot Hitch

Tips to Extend the Life of Your Jeep Patriot Hitch

Your Jeep Patriot hitch contributes to your ride's functionality by providing you a durable attachment for any equipment or trailer, making it possible for you to tow safely. You should maintain this towing component at all times to be sure that you and your cargo will be safe on the road. Here are three helpful tips that you can follow to keep your hitch in top condition:

  • Remove rust using the appropriate cleaners for your hitch type.

You must make sure that your hitch is not damaged by rust deposits. If your hitch is corroded, it will not be able to provide proper towing capacity, which can be harmful for your vehicle. There are different ways on how to remove rust depending on the type of hitch that you have. If your hitch is chrome, you can remove rust by dipping an aluminum foil in white distilled vinegar. The aluminum foil will serve as the shim or wiping material for removing rust, and white distilled vinegar is already a proven cleaning agent that is effective for fighting rust build up. You may also use a car wax afterwards for enhanced protection. On the other hand, if you have an iron trailer hitch, you may use naval jelly and a wire brush for rust removal. The naval jelly has a property that turns rust into a water-soluble substance, so you can rub it off easily. You can use an oil-based paint afterwards to avoid further rust accumulation.

  • Use white lithium grease to lubricate your hitch effectively.

Aside from rust removal, you must also maintain the smooth function of your hitch. It will be difficult for you to hitch or unhitch any cargo or load if the towing component is experiencing friction. The best way for this is by lubricating your hitch. For this matter, you can use white lithium grease. This substance is free from corrosive substances, so you can ensure that your hitch is protected while keeping it lubricated.

  • Drive carefully to keep your hitch and cargo safe and secure.

Another important maintenance tip for your hitch is to simply drive your vehicle with extra caution. You must drive moderately and with controlled speed, so you can prevent your hitch from having strain while coping up with the speed of your vehicle. In addition, this can prevent your hitch from swaying or being thrown off in worse situations. You should also avoid sudden forceful stops to prevent your hitch from sliding away.

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  • Three Tips to Remember for a Secure and Proper Installation of Your Jeep Patriot Hitch

    The hitch of your Jeep Patriot is built durable enough to let you carry bigger loads up to your destination. It is responsible for safely connecting your towing vehicle to the trailer. Thus, you must know how to install this essential component especially if you usually transfer lots of huge cargo from one place to another. When outfitting you Jeep with one, here are some installation tips that can surely help you:

    Tip #1: Move or adjust necessary components to test fit your hitch properly.

    You may need to remove or reposition certain components from your vehicle before you can install the hitch properly. Thus, you must not yet fasten the bolts of your hitch tightly. Some of the parts you may need to move include your spare tire, exhaust muffler, and your rear bumper. In this way, you can place your hitch over its mounting frame conveniently and see if it has the proper fit. Moreover, this can help you identify any adjustment you need to make for the alignment of your hitch and its surrounding components.

    Tip #2: Use jack and jack stands to elevate your vehicle's rear end during the installation.

    It is recommended to have the rear end of your vehicle jacked up. This can give you greater access and clearance while installing your hitch. Moreover, most hitches have a heavy amount of weight, so you must have your vehicle lifted to install your hitch safely and properly. Make use of jack stands for additional support, so you can prevent the jack from loosening.

    Tip #3: Drill holes on your vehicle's frame if needed, but do not modify your hitch.

    If the holes on the frame of your vehicle are not aligned on your hitch, you may drill additional holes in the right places. Remember to use the holes in your hitch as a guide. An important thing to remember is that you must never alter how your hitch is structured in any manner. You can drill holes on your vehicle's frame for attachment, but not on the hitch itself. This is because the metal of your hitch can be weakened from any modification, which can be unsafe for use.