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Jeep Scrambler Parts and Jeep Scrambler Accessories

If you want a tough workhorse of a vehicle, then you have to get a Jeep. These vehicles made their mark in history as they were the main four-wheel-drive transport of choice by the Allies during the Second World War. Since then, these vehicles have made the transition to civilian use and are now under the Chrysler Group. Known as civilian jeeps or CJs, these vehicles basically have the same specs as their military counterparts but with the added comforts and accessories. One of the brand's best examples would be the Jeep Scrambler or Jeep CJ-8, a 2-door pickup truck that was manufactured from 1981 up to 1984. There might be some confusion to its name as it was also sold as the CJ8 Overlander overseas but it was essentially the same vehicle with only minor cosmetic differences.

Only 27,792 Jeep Scramblers were made during its five year production run before it was replaced by the similarly sized Jeep Comanche. It's actually a rare vehicle in North America as there were only 230 of them produced and sold in the U.S. while the rest were sold in Venezuela and Australia. If you're from Alaska though, you might recognize the Jeep Scrambler as the vehicles that the Alaskan Postal Service used during the 80s and late 90s. As the name suggests, the CJ-8 is an improvement over the previous designs under the CJ series.

Unique Jeep Scrambler parts included a removable half-cab that allowed it to carry small cargo without the need for a separate pickup bed. It also used a traditional transfer case and manual front-locking hubs in order to engage the four-wheel drive. Owners had the choice of getting a four to five-speed manual transmission system or a 3-speed automatic. Although it's a rare vehicle in the US, you can still find various aftermarket parts for the Jeep Scrambler online.

Jeep Scrambler Parts