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Jeep Spark Plug Wire

Your spark plugs are only as good as the cables that connect them to your ignition system. Therefore, it is just as important to ensure that you maintain your Jeep spark plug wires as diligently as you care for the rest of your engine. The function of your Jeep spark plug wires is to carry the voltage from your distributor to your spark plugs, providing them with the energy they need to create a spark and ignite the fuel-air mixture in your combustion chambers. Jeep spark plug wires handle a vast amount of power: in a typical engine, the spark plugs fire 1400 times per minute, and that's just while the engine is idling! Because they originate from the stationary distributor rotor and extend to spark plugs in various locations, your Jeep spark plug wires are of different lengths. Most of the time, the number of Jeep spark plug wires corresponds to the number of cylinders your engine has. Jeep spark plug wires come in sets that are manufactured to fit the specific make, model and year of your vehicle. There are many different varieties of Jeep spark plug wires, ranging from replacement stock models to high-performance Jeep spark plug wires that feature a thicker silicon jacket and produce a hotter spark. You should replace your Jeep spark plug wires with every engine tune-up, or whenever the jacket becomes cracked or worn. Additionally, if your Jeep spark plug wires are damaged you should check your spark plugs for black coloring or heavy deposits and replace them as well. You can place your order for new Jeep spark plug wires as well as spark plugs by browsing our vast, easy-to-search online catalogue and selecting the parts that fit your vehicle.