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Jeep Suspension Lift Kit

The Jeep Suspension links the wheels of your Jeep to its frame giving smooth handling and ride quality. Ball joints, bushings, lift kits and lowering kits, shocks and struts, springs, steering parts, steering stabilizers, sway bars and anti-sway bars, tie rods and tie rod ends makes up your Jeep Suspension system. The Jeep Cherokee Suspension and Jeep Wrangler Suspension system for example has two basic functions: to keep its wheels in firm contact with the road and to provide a comfortable ride for the passengers. A lot of the system's work is done by the springs.
Under normal conditions, the springs of your Jeep Suspension support the body of the vehicle evenly by compressing and rebounding with every up-and-down movement. These undesirable effects of up-and-down movement causing bouncing and swaying after each bump is very uncomfortable to the passenger but are reduced by the shock absorbers. For those who prefer the sportier, firm ride of a sports car for their Jeep Wrangler why not put some beefy sway bars in your Jeep Wrangler Suspension? It's a great way of improving the handling and performance of your Jeep Wrangler. Try to purchase the front sway bar and the 1" sway bar for the rear.

The sway bars usually come with the appropriate mounting brackets and bushings. Installation is a snap and is basically a bolt on process. For added performance, substitute the bushings that come with the sway bars with Energy Suspension polyurethane greasable bushings. These bushings are superior in that they are firmer than the stock rubber bushings. These firm bushings allow the sway bar to respond better to lateral forces imposed on the sway bar. The fittings on the mounting brackets allow for easy greasing of the bushings. Sway bars combined with the Energy Suspension bushings firmed up the ride quite a bit. Emergency lane changes are more responsive.

Jeep Suspension Lift Kit Models