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Jeep Thermostat

The Jeep thermostat is a temperature-sensitive paraffin based valve within an outer body, usually metal, that monitors the coolant temperature of your vehicle and opens or closes accordingly. Some Jeep thermostats are controlled by the powertrain control module (PCM) of your vehicle's computer system. Your Jeep thermostat is located either on the top of the engine, in the outlet leading to the radiator, or toward the bottom of the engine near the radiator hose inlet. The function of the Jeep thermostat is to control the flow of coolant through your engine. When the engine is cold, the Jeep thermostat remains closed and blocks coolant from flowing through the radiator, which allows for quick warm-up of your engine. The Jeep thermostat opens further with the heat your engine generates, and will be fully open when your engine is completely warmed. Your Jeep thermostat is a critical part of your vehicle's cooling system. A faulty Jeep thermostat can lead to several problems, including poor fuel efficiency, low heater output, and overheating. If your Jeep thermostat is stuck completely closed or completely open, you may hear knocking or pinging upon acceleration or when your engine overheats. It is a good idea to check your thermostat every time you do work on your cooling system, such as during scheduled radiator flush and fills or when your vehicle has been overheating. Faulty Jeep thermostats should be replaced as soon as possible, as the damage caused by overheating or improper coolant flow can extend to other parts of your engine. You'll find the Jeep thermostat you need for your vehicle's make and model in our extensive online catalogue, and we will ship your new Jeep thermostat right to your door.