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Jeep Wagoneer Parts and Jeep Wagoneer Accessories

The Jeep brand is well-known for having produced some of the best military and utility vehicles of all time. In fact, the very first "jeeps" that were used during the Second World War are responsible for influencing the modern designs of sports utility vehicles. One of the very first SUVs was the Jeep Wagoneer, a luxury 4WD variant that was manufactured from 1963 up to 1991. It currently holds the third longest production run for a vehicle in the United States. Despite this long streak, the Wagoneer saw very little mechanical changes save for a couple of updates here and there.

The Jeep Wagoneer was a pioneer of the luxury SUV segment since it was a one-of-a-kind vehicle when it came out in the 1960s. It was the most "car-like" 4x4 in the market at the time since offering from other brands were geared as utility trucks. More so, it offered luxury trims and accessories that were only associated with sedans back then. To put it into perspective, the Wagoneer made its debut 7 years before the Range Rover was launched in Europe and more than 24 years before it made it to the United States.

Jeep Wagoneer parts were also a notch ahead of its competitors at the time as it offered advanced components like an overhead cam inline 6 cylinder, power steering, and automatic transmission. Its strong V-8 engine and high towing capacity ensure many repeat buyers for the Wagoneer, which boosted its sales figures even more. Unfortunately, the line was discontinued in 1991 to make room for the new Jeep Grand Cherokee. Chrysler was aware of how important the Jeep Wagoneer was to the auto industry that it even offered an option of having a badge that read "Final Edition Jeep Grand Wagoneer" to be included on the dashboard of the last production run of the vehicle. Thanks to its enduring popularity, aftermarket parts and accessories are still being manufactured for the Wagoneer and are easily available online today.