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Jeep Wheel Bearing

Could you imagine what would happen if your wheels literally came off your vehicle? If you have worn Jeep wheel bearings, this frightening scenario could actually happen. Your Jeep wheel bearings are an essential part of your vehicle. Located inside the wheel hubs, the Jeep wheel bearings are either ball or roller bearings, and their job is to carry the weight of your vehicle. Since they are under such a tremendous amount of stress, the Jeep wheel bearings are "packed" in heavy lubrication that protects them from the pressures placed on them. However, eventually your Jeep wheel bearings will need to be replaced due to normal wear. Typically, bad Jeep wheel bearings are spotted during suspension or exhaust system repairs. Physical signs of worn Jeep wheel bearings are scoring and pitting. Other symptoms that may indicate your Jeep wheel bearings may need to be replaced include noises such as grinding, whining, or squealing. Also, you can often feel roughness or looseness in your wheels if you raise the suspension and rotate them by hand. Most Jeep wheel bearings will last for 100,000 miles with proper care and lubrication. However, if your Jeep wheel bearings are on the way out, you need to replace them right away so your wheels don't come off your vehicle. You can find the Jeep wheel bearings you need in our extensive and easy to navigate online catalogue. Take advantage of our convenient ordering options, either by calling our toll-free customer service number or placing your order through our secure online server. We will have your new Jeep wheel bearings on the way to you fast, to be delivered right to your door.