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Jeep Willys Soft Top

Maintenance Tips for Your Jeep Willys Soft Top

The current iteration of the Jeep Willys still embodies the same character that made this model an icon in the Second World War. It has the no-frills body design, capable powertrain, chunky wheels, and the Jeep Willys soft top. The troops benefited from the canvass that shielded them from the elements during their tours in the Atlantic and Pacific. Now, it is time to continue the genuine Jeep heritage for a bigger market. As the Jeep Willys is integrated into the present American society, more amenities are put into its design. However, hints of its history are still left for the new generation of Jeep users to experience. This is why owners like you are privileged to hold dear a piece of American history. Now, here are some tips on how to take care of your Jeep Willys soft top.

  • Take note of the material composition of your soft top.

Part of being able to properly care for your Jeep Willys soft top is to understand what it is made of. By getting to know its materials a little bit more, you will be able to know its expected lifespan and its reaction to chemicals and elements. From there, you can set your expectations and plan on how to care for your soft top. Unfortunately, soft tops usually last only up to seven years. By that time, you should be ready with a replacement.

  • Park your Jeep Willys in a garage to keep it away from the elements.

Exposure to the elements is one of the major factors that cause the deterioration of soft tops. In order for you to prolong the lifespan of your Jeep Willys soft top even with continuous use, you should park your vehicle in a dry roofed garage that guards it from elements. Moisture affects the integrity of the material while exposure to heat dries it up and causes cracks and discoloration. So treat your vehicle with respect and park it in a proper garage.

  • Give your Jeep Willys soft top the wash it deserves.

Washing your soft top with clean water rinses off the dust that have accumulated throughout your journey. But sometimes, a little scrubbing would help too. Use a sponge or wash mitt soaked in a car shampoo solution to scrub of the stubborn dirt on your soft top. Rinse and dry after cleaning.

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  • Know When and How to Replace Your Jeep Willys Soft Top

    For sure, you are enjoying your Jeep Willys on and off the road for its performance, features, and army vibe. It is one vehicle that transcends through American history. Despite a newer fascia and amenities, the spirit of the ex-military vehicle continues to be embodied in the owner's overall experience. But let's go back to the features that link it back to the Army Jeeps. One of it is the soft top. The soft top protects you from the outside elements as the Jeep vehicle protected the infantry in various missions. It was easy to mount and dismount, making it a portable roof so to speak. Now, we have come to terms that the soft top will last you for about six years. Here are some tips to help you know when and how to replace your Jeep Willys soft top when the time comes.

    Tip #1: Anticipate when to replace your soft top.

    Anticipation can help prepare you and your Jeep for a new set of soft top. It starts with checking .the age of your soft top and considering the extent of use of your vehicle. On the average, a soft top subjected under normal conditions should last you about six to seven years. But this also depends on the frequency of exposure to the different elements like sea breeze, extreme sunlight, and moisture. Once you have factored in these elements, then you can have a rough estimate of your replacement date.

    Tip #2: Look for signs of wear and tear.

    A dutiful Jeep owner should have a keen eye for wear and tear all around the vehicle and should even pay a much closer attention to the soft top. Signs of wear and tear are manifested through cracks, discoloration, and holes. Once these become apparent, you should prepare your wallet and elbow grease for replacement.

    Tip #3: Purchase the right soft top for your Jeep Willys and your application.

    You should make sure that you are getting the right product specifically designed for your Jeep Willys and your application. This ensures that you are installing the best product for your demands.

    Tip #4: Prepare your Jeep and the necessary tools for the installation.

    Once you have everything you need, carefully lay it out on your workshop and proceed with the installation. Have fun with your new soft top!