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Jeep Wrangler TJ Floor Mats

Taking Care of Your Rubber Jeep Wrangler (TJ) Floor Mats: Four Helpful Tips

Rubber floor mats are commonly used because of their durability and their being low maintenance. Perhaps, that’s also your reason for using this type of mat in your Jeep Wrangler (TJ). Given the off-road kind of driving you always use your Jeep for, you surely need floor mats that are tough enough to withstand the effects of muddy or dirty shoes, liquid spills due to bumpy ride, and other types of damage that your Wrangler’s floor can possibly get due to your active lifestyle.

  • Dry-clean the floor mats first before doing other cleaning methods.

As soon as your Jeep Wrangler (TJ) floor mats become filthy after an off-road trip, you have to clean them to keep the dirt from hardening and sticking into the surface. Here are some practical tips on how you should clean and maintain your rubber mats:

It is a good idea to dry-clean the mats first for you to assess if they really need thorough cleaning. Dust and loose dirt can easily be vacuumed or brushed away without soaking the mats in water. Dry cleaning makes the mats reusable once again without a need for drying. This method also eliminates dirt on the surface, leaving you with just stains and stubborn dirt to deal with.

  • Use cleaning solutions that are as solvent-free as possible.

When washing or soaking your rubber Jeep Wrangler (TJ) floor mats, it is advised to use a cleaner that’s solvent-free. Solvent, when not rinsed thoroughly, can get stuck in the mat, and that spells disaster as this chemical will surely damage the mats’ rubber backing.

  • Avoid drying rubber mats under the sun.

After rinsing the rubber floor mats, position them in such a way that the water will easily drain. You can hang them in open air to dry quickly, but never under direct sunlight as this can cause the rubber’s color to fade after several cleaning; the sun’s heat can also result in cracks on the rubber material.

  • Clean the floor area before putting the mats back into place.

Of course, it pays a lot if you clean first the area where the floor mats will be placed before putting them back. Your cleaning efforts will be useless if the surface you’re positioning the mats on are also filthy. While the mats can conceal the dirt, they can stick to the back portion of the mats as soon as they get stepped on.

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