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Take advantage of your well-tuned engine and the good grade of gasoline you're using with Jet Performance Chips. Depending on your vehicle, Jet Performance Chips either replace your stock computer chip, piggy-back the stock computer chip, or plugs into the back of the stock computer. Jet Performance Chips will not void your warranty and are fully legal in all 50 states. They don't change the emissions from your stock tuning chip for any federal or local emissions test. Jet Performance Chips can boost your horsepower and torque output by 10 to 15 percent or more when combined with other non-invasive modifications like underdrive pulleys and cold air intakes. Jet Performance Chips are available for most domestic and imported vehicles, so you're sure to find the one that's right for your ride.
Jet Power Chips replace the stock ECU chips in your vehicle's fuel injection or ignition computer and remap your injection and ignition curves, assuming you maintain your vehicle and use high-octane fuel. Jet Power Chips give you a 10 to 50 horsepower boost that is legal in all 50 states, even California. Factory programming is designed for the average driver and takes a wide variety of driving styles and operating conditions into consideration. Because of that, the stock calibrations are not set to provide maximum power to accommodate people who don't use high-quality fuel or maintain their vehicles properly. Jet Power Chips tune your vehicle for the conditions you're driving in by using a dynamometer to measure horsepower output while altering the information stored on your vehicle's chip, maximizing your vehicle's power output.
Jet Computer Chips effectively reprogram your air/fuel mixture and your timing, which helps your vehicle run closer to its true potential. You aren't overdriving your engine with Jet Computer Chips; you're just taking out that margin of error built in by the manufacture to compensate for the average driver that doesn't use high-grade gasoline or maintain their vehicle properly. Your vehicle's computer uses information from sensors to control air/fuel ratio, spark advance, shift firmness, shift points, top speed, rev limit and axle ration. The computer uses this information to deliver the optimum settings at a given moment. Jet Computer Chips can result in power gains from 10 to over 50 horsepower on supercharged or turbocharged engines, and typically give you zero to 60 mph improvements of about 1/2 second. Plus, they're legal in all 50 states and won't void your warranty.

JET Performance Brand Articles

  • Jet Performance: Precision & Technology

    Performance is the key in the world of racing. To maintain your car's performance, don't hesitate to equip your ride with only the best Jet Chips performance parts available. Get one now/
    Just like athletes need a special, stricter kind of exercise than ordinary people, racing and off-road vehicles also need stronger, more efficient parts than everyday-use cars. Such vehicles need performance auto parts that are equipped to handle extreme driving applications. And when it comes to producing performance car components, nobody does it better than Jet Chips.
    Jet Chips uses the latest technologies to manufacture performance parts for extreme vehicle applications like off-road race trucks and NHRA drag race cars. This company uses Performance Power Tuning technology, which enables high-performance vehicles to optimize the sparks and fuel curves over the RPM band. It replaces your vehicle's stock computer tuning, which can give you only so-so performance. This is because this technology is calibrated for a variety of drivers with average driving habits, with major consideration given to drivers who use low-quality fuel. But if you maintain your vehicle correctly and use only midgrade or premium gasoline, then products from Jet Chips are perfect for helping your ride achieve better performance. The best part here is that even if it pushes your engine to its limit, Jet Chips' tuning technology won't damage it. It also won't have any adverse effect on your emission system (a basis for voiding car warranty). So you get maximum power from your vehicle without compromising your car's insurance.
    Just because you don't race doesn't mean that products from Jet Chips aren't for you. There are two types of Power Tuning available from this manufacturer: Stage 1 and Stage 2. Stage 2 is for speed-loving drivers, while stage 1 is good for everyday driving. So no matter how you use your car, there are performance parts for you/ Racer or not, you'll surely benefit from Jet Chips. Get its products now/

  • Choosing the Right Jet Performance Product, For the Right Job

    Jet chips free up your engine's electronics to produce hidden horsepower with no additional add-ons or gimmicks

    Don't worry about emissions inspections: Jet chips products are fully-legal in all 50 states

    As long as you use the correct grades of gasoline, Jet chips performance products won't excessively tax your engine

    Manufacturers cannot void your car's warranty because of a Jet chips performance chip installation

    So you always put 93-octane gasoline in your car, but you've never bothered to install the Jet performance chips upgrade you've heard so much about. Why are you throwing your money away? That high-octane gas is just wasted by your car, since it's still tuned to run on 87. Adding Jet performance chips is the way to feel the gains that you're already paying for. Jet performance chips advance your timing and fuel curve to take advantage of good grades of gasoline and a well-tuned engine. Combined with other non-invasive modifications, like cold air intakes and underdrive pulleys, Jet performance chips can boost your horsepower and torque output by 10-15% or more. You won't experience detonation as long as you keep premium gas in your ride, and no warranties can be voided by a Jet performance chips installation. Best of all, you can pop your hood with confidence at inspection time. All Jet performance chips are fully legal in all 50 states, so the emissions cops won't hassle you. If Jet performance chips sound like a good deal, that's because they are! There are Jet performance chips made for all kinds of domestic and imported vehicles, so check our listings, find your ride, and order your Jet performance chips now.

    We've heard them all. Jet power chips will void your warranty! Jet power chips will blow up your engine! Jet power chips aren't emissions-legal! Wrong, wrong, and very wrong. Let's start at the beginning: Jet power chips replace the stock ECU chips in your vehicle's fuel injection and/or ignition computer. There, they remap your injection and ignition curves under the assumption that your car is well-maintained and running high-octane gasoline. If you're not going to meet these two criteria, don't mess with Jet power chips. But if you're willing to use premium gas and keep your car running right, Jet power chips can give you a pile of free horsepower. Now as for our objections, Jet power chips do not void the manufacturer's warranty. Jet power chips do not overdrive your engine, and as long as you use good gasoline they will not cause damage. And Jet power chips are emissions-legal in all 50 states, so even you folks in strict California can enjoy the 10-50 horsepower boost that Jet power chips can provide. So set your mind at ease: Jet power chips just remove the granny factor that the automaker has to build in to your car's tuning. You know you're going to do what it takes to keep your car running well, so tell your car it's time to play hard by installing Jet power chips today.

    Somewhere between 10 and 50 horsepower is locked away inside your engine, just waiting for you to find the right key to set it loose. The car manufacturer hid that horsepower because it takes a conscientious car owner to be able to use it correctly. But if you're willing to put premium gasoline in your car and keep up with the maintenance, you can have the key to your hidden power: Jet computer chips. Jet computer chips effectively reprogram your air/fuel mixture and your timing, helping your car run closer to its true potential. You're not over-driving your engine when you install Jet computer chips; you're just taking out the margin of error that the manufacturer built in to your engine to compensate for the majority of drivers. You know, the ones who don't change the oil or the spark plugs, and who use the cheapest gas no matter what. Jet computer chips work because they know you'll supply the best raw materials. In turn, your Jet computer chips will turn those materials into between 10 and 50 horsepower on average. Jet computer chips will not void your warranty and they're legal in all 50 states too, so you don't have to worry about the manufacturer or the emissions cops. You know you take care of your car, so let it take care of you. Install the appropriate Jet computer chips for your engine and feel the true potential of your vehicle.