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Jurid brakes are used as standard equipment on many German vehicles including top models from Mercedes and BMW

If your European import has squealing brakes after fitting an aftermarket pad, try using Jurid brake pads to solve the problem

You can restore your car to stock OE braking performance when you use replacement Jurid pads

Jurid brakes are a division of Bendix, one of the best known names in the friction products business

You may recognize Jurid brakes more readily if you look at the other name they're associated with: Bendix. Jurid brakes come from a German company that began producing friction products in the early 20th century. As with all corporations these days, it seems, Jurid brakes became part of Bendix, which became part of Honeywell, and that's where it stands today. But Jurid brakes didn't fade awayinstead, the additional expertise and manufacturing efficiencies provided to Jurid brakes by the larger parent organization has made Jurid brakes one of the top name brands to ask for in both the OE and aftermarket arenas. With product offerings from replacement pads for Fiats to sintered metal linings for locomotive brakes, Jurid brakes have a foothold in all areas of the friction products market. You can specify Jurid brakes for your car, truck, van, or SUV now too. With additional offerings spanning both domestic and imported vehicles, Jurid brakes are available to cover just about any brake application you can think of.

Jurid brake pads are original equipment on many cars you're probably familiar with. BMW, Mercedes, VW, Audi, and Porsche have all used or do currently use Jurid brake pads on their new cars right from the factory. And if factory-style new car braking is what you're after, Jurid brake pads are an excellent, cost-effective way to get it. Jurid brake pads maintain the OE braking performance of your vehicle, including stock rotor wear, dust levels, and pad life. The bottom line is that if you've been pleased with the way your car's brakes have performed since new, going with Jurid brake pads is the best way to ensure their continued performance. Also, if you have aftermarket pads that you're not happy withparticularly if your discontent stems from high noise and squeal levels, Jurid brake pads might be the switch you need to make. Jurid brake pads are known for low noise levels, and retrofitting Jurid brake pads can go a long way towards quieting down your European vehicle.