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Cutting-edge automotive entertainment systems have boomed over the past years, and it's becoming more and more important to keep up with the ever-changing technology. It's a great thing that JVC offers innovative entertainment components to keep your vehicle updated with the latest trends.

JVC is one of the leading manufacturers of car audio and video devices. Its years of experience in producing high-quality components have made it a trusted brand in the automotive market. Some of its well-known products include receivers, amplifiers, and speakers. Whatever audio and video solutions you may need, getting them from JVC is your best bet.

JVC Brand Articles

  • A Few Things to Expect with the JVC Speaker

    The speaker basically produces the sound that you hear from your car's audio and video devices. It's the last stop of the signals that were transmitted from the head unit and boosted on the amplifier. With the important role that it plays on your vehicle's entertainment system, it's only fitting that you pick the best one for your car once it's time to replace the stock speaker installed on it. Putting your money in an innovative JVC speaker is a wise idea if you're aiming to get the best sound quality from your car's entertainment system. If you're interested in purchasing a speaker from JVC, then read on to find out more about it:

    What makes this speaker stand out?

    The trusted quality and performance of a JVC speaker makes it a wise choice for those looking to buy this component. Moreover, its availability in different specifications gives it an edge over the other brands. Whether you're looking for a coaxial or a component type speaker, rest assured that you can find what you need from JVC. Getting one to fit a specific vehicle is also not a problem because it's available in different sizes. To top it all off, a JVC speaker also features high maximum power and a wide range of frequency response, which gives it the superior performance that your car deserves.

    How easy is it to set-up?

    A JVC speaker is fairly easy to install on a car. You surely won't break a sweat throughout the entire installation process, especially if you read and follow the installation instructions carefully. You don't have to worry about its mounting hardware either since it uses basic components that are easy to find in any hardware store.

    Is the high price worth it?

    Optimum quality, durability, and efficiency—this is what you get when you invest on a JVC speaker. It may not come with an affordable price, but shelling out a few more dollars on it is actually better recommended than settling for a cheap and low-quality one that produces awful sound.

  • Useful Information to Help You Decide if You Should Buy a JVC Amplifier

    Looking for a way to improve the sound quality produced by your car's audio system? Then you should start by getting it a good amplifier from JVC. An amplifier essentially boosts the audio signal from the head unit until it becomes powerful enough to create a sound as it moves onto the speakers. There are a lot of manufacturers that are offering automotive amplifiers nowadays, but not all of them are capable of producing a product with the same superior performance like JVC. If you have your eye on a JVC amplifier, here are a few helpful things to know before making the purchase:

    How does it differ from the others?

    The advanced technology behind a JVC amplifier is the result of the company's years of expertise in the field of audio and video systems. Unlike other brands, JVC really goes out of its way to ensure that the specifications and features of its products are continuously improved, and this is what makes the JVC amplifier different from the rest.

    Additionally, a JVC amplifier is also known for providing tons of useful features that help improve the overall quality of a vehicle's entertainment system. It's capable of producing top-notch sound quality with its maximum power of up to 1,000 Watts. With up to four channel operations, a JVC amplifier can also efficiently power up multiple speakers at the same time. It's also available with either Class D or Class AB circuit, giving you the freedom to choose an amplifier type that's perfect for your preferences.

    Is it a bang for the buck?

    High-tech features bundled up in a good-looking amplifier that's produced by a famous brand—what more can you ask for? A JVC amplifier may set you back a considerable sum compared to those produced by other manufacturers. Its price may be intimidating at first, but if you think of all the benefits that it may bring, there's no doubt that the higher expense is worth it.

  • A Closer Look at the JVC In-Dash Receiver

    From playing songs to controlling the sound system's volume, an in-dash receiver performs multiple functions, making it one of the essential parts of a vehicle's entertainment system. The market for in-dash receiver has greatly expanded along with the recent advances in the automotive technologies. With all the manufacturers offering this product, choosing the best one for your car can be really confusing. It's a good thing that JVC offers a wide array of first-class in-dash receiver to suit the needs of every driver. Getting a receiver from JVC is a step towards achieving high-definition sound quality from your car's audio system. Here are a few more things you need to know about this product:

    What makes it stand out: The in-dash receiver from JVC boasts great performance and cool appearance that will surely go well with any vehicle. But aside from its good looks and reliability, a JVC in-dash receiver is also capable of reading different audio and video file formats from various sources such as CDs, SD cards, and hard-disk drives. This flexibility allows you to play whatever file you want anytime. Incompatibility with certain mobile devices is also another issue that you can cross off the list of your worries, because with its built-in Bluetooth and USB ports, you can now effortlessly control the audio and video application of your car using your Android or iOS devices.

    Is it worth the price: JVC is undoubtedly a distinguished brand name, and this is part of the reason why its in-dash receiver comes with a hefty price tag. However, there's more to this in-dash receiver than just its brand. It also provides chock-full of high-tech features that can make your ride more convenient and comfortable. With all the advantages that it has to offer, as well as its high quality and durability, getting a JVC in-dash receiver is definitely worth every penny.