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Karlyn Industries is over 33 years in existence. This company started out as a family owned business founded by Mr. Hans Bierdumpfel in 1971. The company initially produced the first US made VW Beetle ball joints and tie rod ends. For 30 years of being a domestic manufacturer of Volkswagen suspension items, the company was able to build a customer base in the United States of loyal followers. At present, the company has expanded its suspension items and now covers other renowned makes such as Audi, Mercedes Benz, BMW, Saab, Volvo, and Honda. They were also able to add their very own performance line of spark plug ignition cable sets for European, Asian, and domestic applications.

The company is the leading manufacturer of ignition cable sets for the automotive aftermarket and is a highly trusted OEM Supplier. In addition, the company packages and manufactures wire sets, bearing different labels including their very own brand S.T.I. or the Spark Transfer International. Unlike its competitors that make use of robotics at the expense of quality detail, the company increased the handwork portion of its operation especially when it comes to the intricacies on certain ignition cable sets. This adds up to the appeal of this brand helping it to become the fastest growing wire set line in the industry today.

To remain on top of the game, the company is continuously innovating to develop new standards for the production of new products. The company has also added new facilities for research and development. They intend not only to increase production but also to develop better products. Karlyn's auto parts products are able to exceed manufacturers' specifications for quality and wear performance.