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Serious DIYers out there would instantly recognize the name "Kayser." The company is well-known for manufacturing a wide range of heavy-duty auto parts that deliver excellent performance and last a long time. Bimmers in particular should be very familiar with Kayser because the company manufactures some of the OE fuel filters that are installed in BMWs-a testament to the advanced manufacturing capability of the company.

One of the company's products that you should definitely try is the Kayser Fuel Filter if your factory filter is old and full of gunk. This premium replacement filter is crafted from high-strength materials for extra durability and designed for maximum filtration capacity. But before you replace your old filter, it's best to check which type of filter you have. You can do this by supporting and raising your car on jackstands and then removing your filter's protective cover.

The Kayser Heater Hose is another useful product that you may want to install in your ride. Factory hoses are known to deteriorate from the inside due to age and wear. You have a huge problem when the hose turns brittle 'cause then it could easily crack while you're on the road, resulting in overheating. The heater hose from Kayser is a top-notch replacement product that'll save you this hassle. It's made of high-grade materials and is repeatedly tested for impeccable performance. It's also made to meet or exceed OE specifications, so you don't have to worry about the fit.