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Kia Amanti Air Filter

Kia Amanti Air Filter: How to Solve Common Problems

If there is one part that your Kia Amanti can't function without, then it's the air filter. Typically made from high-quality materials, this part not only allows enough air into the engine but also filters contaminants that can cause serious damage to the different components of your vehicle. Unfortunately, due to constant use, this part eventually gets damaged and causes troubles. Check out the list below for some of the common issues that you may experience with your air filter.

Poor overall performance

You will know that the air filter of your Kia Amanti is about to fail if you are experiencing poor overall performance. In order for the combustion process to be completed, the pistons and cylinders must deliver enough air to the engine. However, if the air filter is clogged, airflow will be restricted, therefore causing the engine to produce less power. To restore your Amanti's performance, you'd better clean its air filter immediately. But, if you don't want to take risk, then you should purchase a new high-quality filter.

Reduced gas mileage

If your Kia Amanti is experiencing sudden dips in gas mileage, then you'd better pop the hood and check the air filter. Usually, due to dirt accumulation, the air flow in your vehicle's engine becomes restricted, therefore compromising the air and fuel ratio. To solve this problem, you must clean your air filter using a vacuum cleaner with hose attachment. However, make sure that the hose is thin enough, so it can fit inside the crevices of the filter. Also, make sure that you will do this every 5,000 miles or so for optimum air filter performance.

Fouled spark plugs

Another problem that you may encounter with your air filter is having fouled spark plugs. Typically, this happens because your vehicle's air filter prevents the engine from receiving the right amount of clean air. Thus, the air-fuel mixture becomes too rich and causes the spark plugs to fail. As a solution, you must replace the air filter and spark plugs immediately. However, be sure that the replacements you are going to purchase are designed to fit your vehicle's make and model.

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  • Tips and Tricks to Keep Your Kia Amanti Air Filter in Good Shape

    Keeping the air filter installed in your Kia Amanti in tip-top shape is a very important thing to do. This is because this part prevents contaminants from entering the engine and the cabin of your vehicle. Unfortunately, maintaining your Amanti's filter in good condition can't be accomplished by simply inspecting and cleaning it every oil change. If you really want to get the most out of your air filter, then you'd better check out some of the simple tips we listed below.

    Check the cleanliness of your air filter routinely.

    So you can get the most out of your Kia Amanti air filter, you must check its cleanliness routinely. To do this, you must remove the air filter from its housing and visually inspect it under a light source. By doing so, you will know whether your vehicle's filter needs replacement or not.

    Clean your vehicle's air filter every 5,000 miles or so.

    One way to keep your air filter at its best is by vacuuming or washing it with a cleaning solution every 5,000 miles. Using a cleaning solution is a great way to remove dirt and other kinds of debris from the filter. However, if you are going to do this, you need to let your air filter dry for a few hours before reinstalling it to avoid damaging your Kia Amanti's engine. On the other hand, if you will vacuum your filter, you won't remove that much dirt or contaminants from the crevices. Nonetheless, you won't be at risk of damaging your vehicle.

    Oil the air filter system regularly.

    Oiling the components of your vehicle's air filter system is very important because doing so makes the system run smoothly. However, make sure that you will not saturate the filter because excess oil can damage the other parts in your engine. What's more, do not oil the filter if it is still wet because moisture tends to damage the foam of the filter over time. In case you used a cleaning solution to wash the air filter, make sure that it is completely rinsed off to avoid corrosion.