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Kia Sedona Vent Visor

Reasons of Kia Sedona Vent Visor Frustrations

Window visors keep ajar windows covered when parked to allow air circulation inside the car. However, the ones installed on the Kia Sedona have been reported to cause many types of problems and frustrations for owners. These do work well as far as covering windows when the Sedona is parked. When it's time to go and close the glass, that's when problems arise. Before you tear the ones you have off your car and waste money to buy replacement ones, these may be have solvable causes that can be averted. The following are some of the main reasons behind common frustrations with the Sedona's vent visor:

Glass windows don't fit perfectly in place.

You would want your Sedona's windows to be able to fully close even with in-channel vent visors installed. Sadly, these accessories do get in the way of the glasses which result in these not fully closing. It may sometimes be necessary to push the plastic visors outwards just to give the windows enough space to close. When this is what you're experiencing, chances are the visors are only improperly installed. There are Sedonas on the road with the same type of add on that work and perform just fine without these annoyances. Try reattaching the visors and see if any changes happen.

Automatic windows insist on going down.

A safety feature of automatic windows is that these immediately go down when these experience blocks. The same can be said if you've tried to reinstall the visors countless times and the problem still persists. When this happens, it's usually because of mistimed windows that are calibrated to move up to the area occupied by the vents. These simply need to be readjusted to compensate for the visors.

Vent visors keep falling off.

Every purchase of vent visors-whether these are the in-channel or stick-on type-should provide you with all the materials you need for installing these. If these still fall off, chances are you're doing something wrong with the attachment process. Remember that you must at least install the visors and leave the windows pressing on these for at least two days to allow the adhesive to do its work.

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