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Kia Sorento Window Visor

Easy Things You Can Do to Keep Your Kia Sorento Window Visor in Like-new Condition

Your Kia Sorento window visor is a stylish piece of accessory that comes in handy for those times when you want to let the fresh air in your car without getting dirt and weather elements on your SUV's interior. Keeping it in tiptop shape is an easy job that you can do using the most basic tools out there. If you want to make the most out of your window visor, check out these following tips:

  • Always keep it neat using the right materials.

With the location of the window visor, it's really not a surprise for it to get filthy after some time. It's obviously exposed to various kinds of dirt that can potentially bring blemishes on its surface. So how can you prevent this? It's quite easy, actually. All you have to do is to make sure that it's kept clean as much as possible. Keep in mind that you can't just use any cleaning materials that are within your reach, you still have to make sure that the tools you'll be using are compatible with your window visor or else they'll just cause irreparable damage. Get a plastic-friendly car soap and mix it with warm water, this will do great in removing accumulated dust, debris, and grime off its surface. Don't forget to check your user's manual to find out the chemicals that you should avoid using on your window visor. You should also use a soft non-abrasive cloth for washing and drying its surface.

  • Use protectant to avoid premature damage.

We've already established that your window visor is highly at risk of getting damaged. The good news is, aside from regular cleaning, you can also strengthen it by applying protectant over its entire surface. This will give your window visor better protection against the damaging effects of dirt and UV rays. Make sure you'll apply it using a clean soft cloth, rub it in circular motions for a better result.

  • Make your own cleaning kit.

Equip yourself with your own cleaning kit for those times when you're out on the road and you accidentally got your window visor dirty. Remember that you should avoid wiping off dirt using your bare hands, so a little cleaning kit will come in handy. Simply transfer a mixture of mild soap in a small bottle and take with you a piece or two of microfiber cloth.

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  • Three Things to Remember When Installing a Kia Sorento Window Visor

    Have you ever wanted to roll down your car's windows to let the fresh air in because it's getting a bit stuffy inside your car? You probably know that doing this will also let dust and small debris in your vehicle. Good thing your Kia Sorento window visor is there to keep unwanted filth off your interior. It's not just useful for keeping dirt out though, because it can also prevent weather elements from finding their way inside your SUV too. Imagine the increased fuel economy that your car will experience because of lessened air conditioning use and altered aerodynamic performance.

    Giving your car all these useful benefits is easy because installing a window visor won't require you to exert a lot of time and effort. Read on for some useful tips that may help you in installing your new window visor:

    Tip #1: Test-fit the window visor to see if it fits your Sorento perfectly.

    Making sure that your new window visor is compatible with your vehicle is the first thing that you should do to avoid making installation mistakes. Visors are mounted just above the windows, so put yours over that spot and check if it's aligned perfectly. The entire length of the visor should fit snugly over the window, without any areas going beyond the mounting surface. You can mark placement lines while you're test-fitting your window visor, this will make the whole installation process a lot easier and faster.

    Tip #2: Rid the mounting surface of dirt and grime.

    Your Kia Sorento window visor is attached using tapes and you can be sure that these won't stick if you try to put it over a filthy and grimy surface. So before you go on taping your window visor in place, make sure that you cleaned the mounting surface really well. Remove all remnants of dust, small particles, oil, and grime. You don't have to wash your entire SUV for this, just spot clean the area where you'll be attaching the window visor. Use regular car soap or rubbing alcohol.

    Tip #3: Carefully attach the visor to avoid breaking it.

    When sticking your window visor in place, you'll have to apply a bit of pressure over it to ensure that it adheres properly. There's no need for you to give it a heavy push, make sure that you do this carefully to avoid breaking your visor.