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Kia Spectra Acc Cabin Filter

Diagnosing a Dirty Kia Spectra ACC Cabin Filter

The cabin filter is a standard part that's equipped in every vehicle. Basically, this keeps the pollutants and contaminants from entering the car's air conditioning or heating system. It's inevitable for the filter to get all clogged up especially after taking in all the contaminants just to keep the cabin free from dirt. Here are some useful tips that you can keep in mind on what to do should the Kia Spectra ACC cabin filter get worn out and dirty.

Dirty cabin filter

Regularly check up on the cabin filter. It's not safe to assume that it's dirty, so you'd better take a good look at it. Once you locate it, carefully stretch it out to reveal all the dirt and dust buildup that can be found inside the slips. Also, if it's blackened, then it's a sure indication that it must get replaced. Get a new one so that you can keep driving the car without any harmful debris entering the cabin.

Sick feeling

Though this troubleshooting tip doesn't affect the vehicle directly, you can tell that the cabin filter is clogged up and dirty by assessing how you and your passengers feel. Dust, mold, pollen, and dirt enter with air and these become intense inside the cabin. Take note that they enter fast inside the vehicle, but they tend to exit slower. Some of the contaminants can trigger allergy symptoms or even asthma, if you have asthmatic passengers. If you start feeling a little nauseated or have nose or eye irritation and you were feeling perfectly fine before entering the automobile, then it could definitely be due to a dirty cabin filter. If this is the case, you'll have to get this replaced right away.

Pungent smell

If you smell that the car is starting to stink, then it could be because of a dirty cabin filter. Take out the filter and look at it. If it's loaded with soot and dust, you'll need to get this replaced right away. However, if you have one that can be reused, then you can just simply wash it in a mixture of liquid dish soap and water. Be careful not to rub it because it can ruin the filter. Just swirl it around the mixture, get it dry, and you can install it back in.

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  • Kia Spectra ACC Cabin Filter Cleaning Tips

    It's important to get the cabin filter cleaned all of the time especially since this is the one that blocks the contaminants from entering the inside of the vehicle. You wouldn't want your passengers, or even you, to get all nauseated by the dirt and dust that would get trapped inside the cabin, would you? However, it's unavoidable for this component to get dirty, but you can always get it cleaned in no time. Here are some tips that you can use to get the Kia Spectra ACC cabin filter clean and fresh again.

    Use a hose to wash the cabin filter.

    It's important to have the cabin filter cleaned once it's filled with soot and debris. Take out the filter from the vehicle and carefully tap out the solid contaminants. There are ways that you can get it cleaned. One of them is to use a hose and just blast water into the dirty air filter. You don't have to worry about it falling apart because cabin filters are made of material that can resist getting damaged from water.

    Use water and dishwashing soap.

    The other tip would be to use water and dishwashing soap. Just mix these in a bucket and soak the cabin filter. Though the material may be waterproof, just keep in mind not to rub the filter because it can get damaged. You can even swirl it around the water to get rid of the dirt or just let it soak for a couple of minutes before taking it out. Be sure to dry it out first before installing it back in.

    Wait for the trees to stop dropping leaves and pollen.

    A driver usually replaces or cleans the cabin filter after a particular mileage. However, a good idea would be to wait for the trees. If you often park your vehicle under shady trees, then it would be a good idea to wait for them to finish dropping leaves, needles, or pollen. These particularly enter the cabin filter and can trigger the passengers to get allergy attacks. Another good tip would be to park in places where trees aren't near.