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Kia Spectra Vent Visor

Three Usual Issues Caused by a Malfunctioning Kia Spectra Vent Visor

The vent visor of your Kia Spectra is an effective component that allows you to open the window when you want fresh air to enter inside your car. Aside from that, it can also increase the shade provided by your tinted windows. Over time, the vent visor of you sedan will wear down and show signs of malfunction. Before this happens, you should do some troubleshooting as soon as possible. Here's a list of some of the problems you might encounter:

Window doesn't completely close.

One problem you might encounter with the Kia Spectra vent visor is it prevents your car's window to completely close. This happens mostly with an in-channel vent visor since it is fitted directly into the window channel. If this frequently occurs, you fix it by removing the old tape on the vent visor and replacing it with a stronger adhesive. But before you do that, make sure that you have thoroughly removed the old tape, so the new adhesive can strongly hold. If this doesn't work, then you should replace your in-channel visor with a seamless window visor instead.

Vent visor is already loose and might fall off.

When you encounter this type of problem, the adhesive of the vent visor is probably wearing down or the visor was not glued properly. You can easily repair this problem by replacing the adhesive of the Kia Spectra vent visor. Remember to clean the area where you will stick the new adhesive thoroughly. Otherwise, the vent visor will not stick properly, and might move loose once again or even fly off the road and cause damage to other vehicles.

Water is dripping from the vent visor into the window.

If you suddenly noticed that water is already dripping from the vent visor while you're driving on a rainy day, then there's probably a crack on the visor's surface. What you need to do is to inspect the crack first and check if it is still repairable. You can use a spray adhesive to seal the crack and stop the leak. You should choose the adhesive that is safe to use on plastic or acrylic or whichever material your visor is made from. It will be easier if you remove the visor before using the spray, so you can apply the adhesive evenly.

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  • Three Easy Tricks to Maintain Your Kia Spectra Vent Visor

    Your Kia Spectra vent visor allows you to open the window slightly even when it's raining or snowing outside, and it lets fresh air circulate inside your car. Aside from that, some vent visors are designed with chrome finish that adds protection from sunlight. However, through constant exposure from harmful elements, the vent visor will show signs of wearing down. Here are some tips that can help you maintain it in good condition.

    Remove the adhesive residue from the old vent visor.

    If you will attach a new Kia Spectra vent visor on your car, make sure that the adhesive residue from the old vent visor is completely removed. Otherwise, the new vent visor will not stick properly. You can use a bug and tar remover or any product that is designed to remove adhesive. You should also refrain from using a sharp object to scratch off the residue because it might leave a scratch on your car. As additional tip, you should use soap and water to clean the portion where you applied the adhesive remover.

    Clean the vent visor of your car regularly.

    Since the vent visor adds style to your Kia Spectra, it should be cleaned regularly to maintain its stylish effect. You can include it when you're washing your car since automotive soap and water can also do the trick. However, you have to make sure that you're using a soft rag when wiping the vent visor to avoid swirls marks. If there are marks already visible on the visor's surface, then you can use a plastic polish that's ammonia-free and a polishing pad to remove the marks.

    Re-attach the vent visor correctly when it's already loose.

    When you have noticed that a portion of your Kia vent visor is already loose, don't apply adhesive on that part immediately because it will not stick properly. What you need to do is to clean that area first before using a new adhesive. You can use an adhesive remover to get rid of the adhesive and clean it afterwards with soap and water. A strong and durable adhesive tape on that portion can be used to stick the vent visor back in place. However, you have to make sure that it's applicable for automotive use.