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Kia Sportage Floor Mats

Kia Sportage: Floor Mat Trouble Signs and Quick-Fixes

With a big crossover SUV like the Kia Sportage, it's easy to ignore the simpler parts that make our driving experience worlds more comfortable. Take the floor mats, for example. Apart from helping to unify the interior look of your Sportage, they also serve to catch any and all dirt and dust-making the task of keeping the interior clean all the easier. Without them, you'd have to cram yourself into the small areas where the feet go, and pick off the dirt one by one. There actually a couple of warning signs to look out for that clue you in that your mats aren't really up to par anymore.

Severe discolorations

Whether you have a simple plastic floor mat for your Durango or one of the more stylish carpet-types, the most severe sign that you aren't taking much care of them is that there are huge spots of discoloration. These are visible indicators of where your feet-as well as those of your passengers-commonly scuff about. In some cases, you can either clean it thoroughly to do away with the discolored spot-with plastic floor mats-or brush the area vigorously-for the carpet-types. If doing either of that does not return the mats to a better looking state, replacements-which aren't too costly anyway-are in order.

Tears and cracks

With the carpet-type Kia Sportage floor mats, they're called tears. With the smooth, plastic models, their called cracks. Whatever you call them, they are clear damage that has compromised the surface of the floor mat. This type of damage will never lead you to some horrific accident, but they will probably negate the purpose of the mats by allowing dirt, liquids, mud, and dust through to the cabin's floor. IF you really want to scrimp on a few dollars, you actually can sew or patch the damaged are back up with a thicker-gauge needle and some strong thread. Granted, it's not going to look all too good, but it will keep the mats "working" as they should. Additionally, some people suggest putting some thick gauge plastic between the mat and the actually floor to bolster the protection.

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  • Keeping Your Kia Sportage Floor Mats in Great Condition

    If you're anything like the rest of the world, you absolutely hate getting mud and dirt all over your Kia Sportage's floor. It's not like you can just rip off the floor lining and chuck it in the washer-the odd angles you have to contort your body into to do any sort of cleaning isn't a great incentive either. That's where floor mats come in. These amazing products are durable, lightweight enough to move around, and easily cleaned. The truth, however, is that a lot of people forget to maintain their floor mats consistently. The result is that they start to look unsightly, and you have to spend to replace them. With these tips, keeping your Kia Sportage floor mats in tip-top shape is easy:

    Keep things clean-properly.

    To maximize the life of your floor mats, it's important to do your cleaning properly-yes, there is a proper way to go about it. The first thing to do is "dry" cleaning. Simply put, start by scraping as much of the dirt off as you possibly can-a plastic scraper works well for the caked up mud. After that's done, you can now immerse your mats in a large container willed with warm water and non-chlorine-based detergents-what you use for your laundry is sufficient. Dry the mats under the sun after all that with the carpet side-if that's the design of your mats-away from the sun to avoid fading. A good cleaning every month or so is enough to keep your mats in great condition longer.

    Check for damage.

    If you can do this on a weekly basis, all the better, because this inspection will clue you in to the need for cleaning, and allow you to look over the mats for any physical damage. Start with the corners and edges. If you notice any curling and crumpling, then there's a strong chance that the mat's material is weakening due to age, wear, or damage. Move slowly to the middle. If you have a carpet-type mat, comb over the surface with a brush to check the condition of the carpet.