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Kia Sportage Headlights

Spotting Kia Sportage Headlights Issues

The Kia Sportage has gone through several transformations throughout the years. However, that doesn't mean that all of the parts of this revamped SUV had their own little makeovers. Like with majority of other automobile parts, the Kia Sportage headlights experience many common lighting issues that bring nuisance to many of the SUV owners. Nevertheless, the problems are usually solved easily with a little DIY knowledge. Here are some of the concerns most Kia Sportage owners have in regards to their SUV's headlights:

One of the headlights won't turn on

If only one of the headlights refuses to turn on, it's possible that you're having a burnt-out bulb problem. The solution for this problem is simple: replace the defective bulb with a new one and test the affected headlight if it will turn on. However, you need to make sure that you buy a replacement bulb with the same wattage as the old one. Otherwise, your headlights won't work as efficiently as they're supposed to.

Brightness of the headlights fluctuates

Headlight brightness sometimes wavers when the battery's charge is weak or if the alternator has gone bad. If the charging system of your car is out of order (that is, if the continuity of electricity is hampered), the power on your headlights will also fail. Check if there's sufficient power flowing from the battery to the headlights. A voltmeter should help you identify how much electricity is flowing through the wiring harness on the car battery. Replace any wiring that you find defective.

Both headlights do not work

You've already checked the bulbs and found no issues-the problem could be due to a bad fuse or a faulty charging system. The headlight assembly itself may not have any problem, but if the fuse is defective, both headlights won't turn on at all. Replace the bad fuse with one that has the same amperage as the old one.

If you see no problem with the fuse, check if your car's battery or alternator isn't working. Sometimes, the problem is due to damaged wiring harnesses in the charging system. Replace any bad wiring to make the headlights work. If that doesn't solve the issue, check if there's any discoloration on the headlight switch or wiring block contacts. You can use a pencil eraser to remove the discoloration.

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  • Proper Maintenance Tips for Your Kia Sportage Headlights

    Your Kia Sportage headlights need the same kind of attention you give to other parts of your car. Your vehicle's headlights provide illumination on the road, helping you drive safely at night and on foggy days. Headlights are not resistant to wear and tear, so you need to make sure that they receive the proper care they need. Here are some ways on how you can make your Kia Sportage headlights work efficiently for longer:

    Regularly clean the headlight lenses.

    Cloudy headlight lenses offer less illumination on the road. Grime that has accumulated on the lenses can be easily removed using a few household items. Mild dishwashing liquid and water work well if cleaning up the surface of the lenses. If dirt refuses to come off, you can apply toothpaste to the lenses with a clean cloth to break down the grime buildup on the headlight lenses.

    Fix flickering lights.

    Flickering headlights are not only inefficient in lighting your way; they are also a nuisance on the road. Other motorists may not appreciate the blinding strobe-light effect you have in front of your vehicle, so you need to fix intermittent headlights as soon as possible. Your car's alternator should produce over 14 volts of electricity. If it doesn't, you might need to replace it.

    Replace burnt-out bulbs.

    Exhausted bulbs can hamper the function of one or both of your headlights. If one of the headlights is significantly brighter than the other is, replace its bulb immediately before it completely goes off. It's also a good idea to replace both bulbs at once to save you time and to prevent any inconvenience on the road (in case the other headlight fails soon).

    Check for loosely connected ground cables and busted fuses.

    Loose connections and broken fuses prevent headlights from working at all. Locate the wirings attached to the headlights and trace its length to see if there's any damage on the wires. Gently tug on the wirings to check if they are loosely connected. Inspect the headlight fuses as well to see if they are damaged. Replace any broken fuse immediately to restore the headlights.