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Kia Sportage Soft Top

Tips to Keep in Mind in Cleaning and Protecting Your Kia Sportage Soft Top

Your Kia Sportage can bring you versatile driving experience. It features a durable and waterproof soft top that can serve as protection against changing weather and can add up to the overall style of the vehicle as well. The vinyl soft top fabric of the Kia Sportage is easy to maintain. However, it can get damaged and worn out due to heat exposure. Thus, you must take immediate actions to keep your soft top at its best condition. Here are tips that can help you in maintaining your Kia Sportage soft top:

  • Use a soft brush, smooth towel, and mild solutions for cleaning.

Keep in mind that vinyl tops are prone to being scratched easily. Thus, you must use a soft brush for cleaning your soft top. Cleaning your soft top often can also help in fighting mould formation, which doesn't only look unsightly and smell foul but also damage the soft top material when left ignored. In removing stains, make use of a manufacturer-recommended soft top cleaner, and avoid those that contain harsh chemicals. Cleaners containing alcohol and ammonia can cause your soft top to dry out and form cracks.

  • Always keep a window visor cleaning kit in your vehicle.

You'll never know when your soft top will catch bird poop, dead bugs, tree sap, and other filth that can damage the top's material when not eliminated right away. So, it is wise if you keep a cleaning kit that you can use in ridding your top of dirt any time. It could be just a small bottle of cleaning solution and clean microfiber towel, but this kit will surely save your top from having stains and unsightly marks. Keep the kit in your glove box or any place in your ride you have easy access to.

  • Apply a UV sealant for protection.

Your vinyl soft top has a tendency to become yellowish if it is frequently exposed to the harmful rays of the sun. Thus, you should apply a UV protectant to reinforce the soft top and make it more resistant to UV damage. By saving your soft top from sun damage, you are actually extending its service life.

Other cleaning reminders

Make sure that your Kia Sportage is under a shade while you do the cleaning process. It is also advisable to wash your Kia Sportage soft top at least once a month.

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  • Helpful Tips to Make Your Kia Sportage Soft Top Installation Easier

    Your Kia Sportage may be small compared to other SUVs, but it what it lacks in size, it pretty much makes up for in features. This vehicle is fitted with a vinyl soft top that can be put up when you need protection against the weather or down when you want to enjoy open-air driving. Your soft top serves as your vehicle's umbrella against different weather. However, this car part is prone to damage since it is made from materials that require careful handling. If your soft top needs replacement, and you're thinking of installing a new one all by yourself, these tips that can help you achieve your wanted results:

    Tip #1: Remove the old soft top carefully.

    When removing the old top to make way for the new one, make sure to do it carefully so as not to cause any damage on mounting surface as well as on the hardware that you will be reusing (if there's any). Once you have removed the old soft top, take the time to test-fit the new one or compare it with the old, so you'll know if you've got an exact replacement. The bolt holes on the new top should be in the same location as the ones in the old top. It will make your installation easier if the new top has the exact measurements as the stock soft top.

    Tip #2: Pull the sides of your new soft top to remove possible wrinkles.

    To avoid wrinkling of soft top upon installation, carefully pull the cables of the top into their proper places, and then staple the areas until you've placed enough number of fasteners to hold your soft top securely. Pull the sides in a forward position until the wrinkles disappear. If you encounter problems removing the wrinkled spots, remove the staples and readjust the soft top. Once your new soft top looks smooth, secure it tightly using the hardware comes with it.

    Tip #3: Check the interior part of your new soft top as well.

    Get into the interior of your vehicle in order to see if the inner part of your soft top is secured as well. Secure it with additional bolts if needed. It is recommended to allow the top to settle into place for around 72 hours before driving your Sportage.