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Hassle-free Solutions to Mercury Monterey Throttle Body Problems

One of the most important parts installed in your Mercury Monterey is the throttle body. Found between the intake manifold and the air filter box, this part serves to regulate airflow in the engine. So, once it becomes damaged, your vehicle will experience different problems. Check out the list below for some of the common issues that you need to watch out for if your Monterey has a faulty throttle body.

Uneven acceleration

If you are experiencing uneven acceleration whenever you take your Mercury Monterey for a drive, then you have to check its throttle body immediately. Usually, because this part becomes coated with exhaust residues, the engine stumbles especially as it starts to get warm. Once this happens, it will be difficult for your Monterey to accelerate. To solve this problem, you must clean the throttle body. To do this, you need to prepare a lacquer thinner, a carburetor cleaner, and a scraper. If possible, you can also purchase new gaskets and seals to replace the old ones in case they are already worn out.

Check engine light

Another problem that you may encounter because of a faulty Mercury Monterey throttle body is seeing the check engine light. Although this warning can be caused by various factors, it can also be brought about by the throttle body especially if its internal flap door no longer functions properly. If this is the case, you should lubricate this door immediately so that the body can let the fuel and air mixture pass through again. Just make sure that you will consult a mechanic or your owner's manual to know whether your vehicle's throttle body needs to be cleaned first before it can be lubricated.

Poor gas mileage

A significant drop in your vehicle's gas mileage can mean one thing-a damaged throttle body. Usually, because this part can no longer control airflow efficiently, the engine uses up more fuel to produce as much power as before. As such, gas mileage is reduced. To solve this, you can try cleaning the throttle body using an aerosol carburetor cleaner that can be purchased from a car parts store. However, if you don't want to take a risk, then you should just buy a replacement throttle body and have it installed with the help of simple tools such as wrenches, sockets, and screwdrivers.

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  • What to Do to Keep Your Mercury Monterey Throttle Body in Good Shape

    Slow acceleration, poor gas mileage, occasional stalling-these are some of the problems that you will encounter if your Mercury Monterey's throttle body is not maintained properly. Although it is built to last for a long time, this part can still get damaged due to varying temperatures and dirt accumulation. So you will know what to do to make your vehicle's throttle body last, check out some of the simple tips that we listed below:

    Test your Mercury Monterey throttle body routinely.

    One way to get the most out of your Monterey's throttle body is by testing it routinely. With the help of an OBD-II scanner, you'll know if your vehicle is experiencing problems because of a faulty throttle body. However, make sure that you will do the test a couple of times to accurately diagnose problems.

    Clean the throttle body every 75,000 miles or so.

    After some time, your Mercury Monterey throttle body will accumulate dirt. Once this happens, you will experience various problems such as stalling, uneven acceleration, and poor gas mileage. To prevent this, you need to clean the throttle body every 75,000 miles or so. You can do this by spraying it with some aerosol carburetor cleaner and removing the gas deposits using a paper towel or nylon brush.

    Have your vehicle's throttle body serviced routinely.

    Car experts suggest that a throttle body should undergo a complete service every 30,000 miles so it will last for a long time. During this process, a technician inspects and adjusts the throttle position sensor adjustment and air rate after cleaning the throttle body. Then, an idle relearn procedure is performed to make your vehicle perform as good as before.

    Lubricate the internal flap door of the throttle body when necessary.

    Another way to make your vehicle's throttle body last for a long time is by lubricating it's internal flap door when necessary. This component becomes stuck without proper lubrication due to burnt carbon accumulation. However, before greasing the door flap make sure that you purchased the right kind from an auto parts store. What's more, do not soak this part with oil to avoid damaging it.