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Kia Sportage Window Regulator

Finding Out What's Wrong with Your Kia Sportage Window Regulator

Your Kia Sportage's windows not only protect you from the natural elements like heat, cold, and rain. Your windows also protect you and your SUV from bad people. So when you have busted windows, it is for your own good to pay attention and address them immediately. First thing you can check is your KIA Sportage window regulator. Luckily, most of the symptoms of a bad window regulator are pretty obvious. Here are some of the usual symptoms of a bad window regulator.

Uneven movement

One of the obvious symptoms of a bad window regulator is a skewed window glass. When rolling up the window, you notice that the glass window is uneven. Either something is blocking part of the glass window or, the window tabs are positioned incorrectly. If it's neither of the two then you have a misaligned window regulator. You can re-align the regulator by loosening the bolts that's connecting it to the door. Bend the part of the window regulator back to its original position then place everything back. Roll the window up and down to confirm that the window works fine.

Window drop

When your window falls into your door, this could mean that the glass window has fallen off its track or your vehicle has a damaged window regulator. Open the door panels and confirm what happened. If the glass window just fell off its track but remained intact, then you can just replace it back in its proper position. If, however, you see that the regulator is damaged, then you need to replace it.

No movement

One of the worst things that can happen to your windows is get stuck. Whether it's stuck open or close, the first thing to check is not the window regulator. Check the fuse box, which is more accessible because it's located under the dashboard near the steering wheel. Check for signs for a blown up fuse. If you find the fuse with a broken metallic strip, replace and try the window again. If none of the fuses are blown, check the wirings in the fuse box. Check for loose connections or torn wires. Tighten the loose connections and replace the torn wires. If everything is sound, then it's time to check under the door panel. Most likely, you would see a damaged window regulator.

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  • Keeping Your Kia Sportage Window Regulator in Working Shape

    Not only is a broken window one of the most common problems of any vehicle, it is also the most annoying. Imagine going for a drive-thru meal and you have to open your door just to get your food. The thing with broken windows is that whether they're manual or power windows, they are bound to fail at some point. The best you can do to properly maintain them and prepare for the worst. You can start with your Kia Sportage window regulator. Here are some tips on how you can make sure you always have properly functioning window regulators.

    Examine your window regulators

    One way to tell if you have worn window regulators or broken is to visually check them. Don't wait for the symptoms to appear, because by then, you would have already been inconvenienced. The purpose of regularly checking the regulators' condition is to prevent being caught unaware in a very compromising position. Not only is a window stuck open inconvenient, it is also dangerous. You will be left vulnerable to the outside elements like rain, wind, and car burglars.

    Adjust your window regulators

    Overtime, the window regulators wear out and become misaligned or bent. This is due to everyday use or caused by an outside force. Either way, it can cause the glass window to roll up unevenly or to drop into the door. If left unattended, it may result to a costly glass window replacement. When you see a bent window regulator, just manually but carefully bend it back to its proper position. If the bend is too severe to be bent back to shape, then buy a replacement.

    Clean and lubricate your window regulators

    Sometimes, window malfunction is simply caused by poorly maintained and dirty windows. Make it a point to schedule cleaning under the door panels and not just inspecting them. Once the window regulator is exposed, scrub and dust it using a small brush and a carburetor cleaner or denatured alcohol. Remove the dirty old grease and get rid of the small debris in between the pivots and levers. Once this is done, replace the white lithium and apply it either with spray or with a -inch paint brush. Make sure you lubricate all metal moving parts.

    Other tips

    Lubricating the window run or guide with a clear silicon spray will also extend the service life of your window regulator. The window run refers to the gap in the door where the window rolls up or down. Just roll down the window and spray clear silicon on the entire window run including the sides and the top of the window. Then wipe off the excess with a clean towel.