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KIA Thermostat

If you notice that your Kia's engine is running a little bit hotter than usual, then you might be looking at a worn-out thermostat. Your Kia thermostat sites between the engine and the radiator and is responsible for blocking the flow of coolant until your engine has warmed up properly. Once your car's engine has reached an optimal temperature, the thermostat opens and lets the coolant flow in. A properly functioning thermostat will save your engine from unnecessary wear and tear. Unfortunately, if your thermostat malfunctions or starts to wear out, your engine could overheat or get damaged in the long run.

Replacing your Kia thermostat isn't too hard. All you'll need would be a couple of basic tools and a compatible Kia thermostat replacement. Be careful though, your thermostat is located near your radiator, which could get very hot when your engine is running. Allow your vehicle to cool down significantly before you start working on it. You'll also need to check your Kia's manual for proper instructions on how to remove the thermostat from its mount. For most vehicles, it's as easy as unbolting the thermostat and installing a replacement in its place.

Aftermarket Kia thermostats are readily available online. Although it's a simple device, it's still strongly advised that you get a replacement that's compatible with your vehicle model. Stick to an OEM Kia thermostat as it is designed specifically for a particular car model. This will ensure that you'll have an easier time installing your thermostat on your own. Replacing the thermostat isn't that hard. But if you have any doubts you could simply order a replacement online and just have a trusted mechanic install it for you instead. Once you have it installed, then you shouldn't have to worry about your engine overheating anytime soon.